This transfer window has the makings of being an exciting one for Newcastle fans, however when you listen to Eddie Howe the buzz word around the halls of power at St James’ Park seems to be ‘Financial Fair Play’. Given that many expect Newcastle to spend quite a bit in the summer, this approach from the Manager of the Season contender has raised many an eyebrow.

Many would expect us to double our spend from January, in which £94 million was spent wisely to ensure that we managed to get out the drop zone. But it seems someone at the club is trying to curb that enthusiasm, by putting out that we may only spend around the £60 million mark. Some see the wealth attributed to our collective owners and think this can’t be right!

While we do have the richest owners in world football, a statistic that only takes into account the Saudi side of the ownership, with the Rueben’s alone, we would have the second richest owners in the Premier league. But that is exactly what we have, rich owners, we are by no means a rich club. One does not reflect the other. It is up to our owners to use their knowledge to gain their wealth to bring Newcastle to that level.

We are still (to an extent) living with the realities of a Mike Ashley Newcastle United. While he did largely keep the balance books in the black, he did not manage to bring in massive amounts of cash to top up the coffers available to improving the club. The sponsorship deals are still those meagre resources agreed by the previous ownership. And yes the owners can invest as much as they want into the infrastructure of the club (as shown by plans to improve the training ground at Benton), but when it comes to player purchases, that amount is limited.

There has been two pieces of information leaked this week that goes someway to improving that bottom line. One of which brought about the anger of some in the media, and something that was discussed by my colleague Yosef(read here), that is of course the Saudi inspired away kit for next season.

The away top, and whether you agree with it or not, it is what it is, could be an easy marketing win. While the top not entirely popular in the UK, within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there is a chance it could sell out. It could sell at levels only really experienced by some of the bigger powers in football. It is not just opening the door to possible extra revenues to the biggest country in the MENA region, is it completely kicking the door down, and storming through it. Whether this was an idea first put by Castore, or the club helped develop the design, we will never know, but the extra income it will bring into the club is an easy win.

Likewise the reported pre-season camp in the USA is another win, and a way to get your foot in the door for another market. The US market would be the complete opposite to the Saudi market, and will take longer to get a foothold, by increasing our already numerous supporter base across the pond. But this will bring other advantages as well. By having an image in the US, it increases the likelihood that American companies, and potential sponsors will start to take notice, and want to be part of the rebirth and regrowth of Newcastle United.

Increasing the commercial and marketability of the club will bring in the wealth enjoyed by so many of the other top clubs. Some of that seems to have started, after seeing a report that the Club are asking for £7.5 million per season for a sleeve sponsor, when considering main shirt sponsors didn’t pay that for their entire contract under the previous ownership.

With the new FFP rules coming in over the next few seasons, your spend will be limited to a percentage of the money you bring in, increasing this commercial aspect is a big important part of increasing those coffers available to the manager to improve the team.

I know me, a random Newcastle fan, who happens to write about things involving our great club telling the owners how to make more money is like telling Gordan Ramsey (other celebrity chefs are available)how to boil an egg. You just have to look at their portfolio before they bought the club, to know when it comes to investment, and deal making they know what they are doing.

And no doubt they will be concentrating on the commercial aspect in the background. You get the feeling that any sponsorship deals, and commercial partner deals will be what is best for the club. So don’t be surprised if there isn’t a multitude of Saudi sponsors, but more from the PIF portfolio. The likes of Tesla could be real possibility, given that our chairman helped Musk to take his company private!

But it needs to happen soon. This summer may be a small budget, and player sales may be needed to top it, it is still larger than we are use to, and it will help get rid of some of the deadwood in the clubs evolution. But the commercial aspect will play a massive part going forward. We need to walk before we can run!

Carl Richardson – @Carl_TFaith