The Trust shares the concerns of all Newcastle United fans about the present situation at the club. Members of the Fans Forum have clearly expressed the views of many in their recent open letter to the club and all members of the Trust Board endorse those sentiments. We also share the frustrations expressed by Alan Shearer regarding the running of the club and that problems exist from top to bottom. Whilst there is much media speculation about the position of Steve McLaren, NUST believes that the managerial position is only part of a much greater problem at the club.

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We have long advocated the position that supporters should have a greater role in the running of football clubs. We believe that Newcastle United should be a club at the centre of our community, which exists for the benefit of its supporters, the City and the local community it serves. A club that works with its supporters, the city council, local businesses and seeks to work with local clubs to develop and retain talent in the region. In particular, a club which strives for excellence on and off the pitch.

We feel that the Club already has the basic preconditions for success under new ownership:

Large fan base with a regular attendance of over 50,000;

Stadium of sufficient size and quality with the option to expand;

Located at the heart of the City;

Significant future growth opportunities are available in developing new commercial sponsorship and overseas markets;

Capable of maintaining the investment level needed for continuous team development;

History and tradition, both in Europe and at home.

The Board of the Trust are working to form an alliance of those interested in securing the future of Newcastle United as a community owned club and who are willing to help secure that aim. At the moment we do not believe we have a willing seller. We do believe, however, that at some point a transfer event will occur as the present owner seeks to leave. We believe that we must prepare so that we are ready and able to intervene financially in any future partial or full sale of NUFC. We want you to join the Trust and help us achieve that aim.

We have worked with local Members of Parliament and representatives of the City Council, former NUFC Board members and local businesses, who share our vision of Newcastle United as a “Community Club”. We have attempted to open a channel of communication with club representatives but sadly our requests have been ignored. The club shows no willingness to engage with it’s supporters in any meaningful way.

Without major change at the club there will be no long term improvement simply by sacking the manager. No lessons have been learnt over recent years and as a result the club continues in decline.

On Friday 29th April 2016, we are holding a fan ownership conference in Newcastle entitled “Whose Club is it?” We have a number of speakers from clubs around the country who will talk about their own experiences of different ownership models and we will explore the concept of what a “community club” should look like. Further details about how to sign up for the conference will be sent out over the next week or two.

Come along on the 29th April and show your support for real change at Newcastle United.