Once we heard that previous developers Tolent were no longer proceeding we had hoped that the land could be utilised by the club to develop the stadium further. This does not appear to be the case.

Whilst other Premier League clubs are extending capacities it would appear that this will not be the case at Newcastle United and indeed it would seem to contradict the clubs original plan to extend as recently as 2008.

Furthermore NUST would be interested to find out whether or not the proceeds of any development would be used to strengthen the team or go directly to the owner ,thereby depriving the club of funds.Strawberry Place

At a time of supposed increased communication with supporters it would appear that the first supporters knew of the proposal was via a report in the local media.

Norman Watson Chair of NUST commented  “NUST were disappointed to read of this latest development. Our view is that any future development of the site should be sympathetic to an extension of the Gallowgate. This proposal does not appear to take into account this possibility which we find disappointing, particularly since it appears to be Mr Ashleys own development”

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