What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours…. As Dinah Washington once said.

On Monday 8th November, Eddie “four names” Howe was finally confirmed as Newcastle’s new head coach. 24 hours later we have a video montage from his first training session and suddenly everything looks brighter.

Rocking up at Benton before the sun had even got his hat on, Howe and his backroom staff entered the barn conversion which houses the wheelie bins and inflatable paddling pools we’ve all come to love, to get their feet under their respective desks and get ready to meet the players before putting them through their paces. Literally.

Twitter doesn’t seem to know how to handle it all. Seeing a coach arriving long before the players, seeing the coach actually running, seeing the coach actually caring. The highlight seemingly being when we hear Howe telling the players that standing around isn’t an option and proceeding to leg it like David Hasselhoff in an effort to demonstrate to Jonjo Shelvey what running looks like. 

Seeing the clips with the likes of Willock, Joelinton and ASM looking absolutely knackered filled me with so much joy. The next 11 days are going to be very telling for a lot of players who have been coasting along lately. It’s hard to blame them in a way, we’ve all been in jobs with bosses who don’t seem to care and as a result the staff all take advantage and slack off too. Hopefully Howe and Co will have all that knocked out of them before Brentford come to town.

Our next four games all look like games we can get points from now. Last week I’d have said we’d be lucky to come away with 4 points after facing Brentford, Arsenal, Norwich and Burnley, whereas now, going off one training session I could see us taking 10. I’m not naive enough to think that will actually happen, but the belief is there and that is exactly what has been missing from our fanbase for so long and it’s so good to see it back again.