The statement that came out of “Newcastle United” (whatever that is these days) click here – that no individual apparently wants to put their name to made me wonder.

Has the Newcastle United website been hacked?

There’s a lot of laughable claims of accounts being hacked in this last week so that might be a get out of jail card for whoever at SJP were they to regret the words that have been fired into the ether where they have been met with incredulity.

I suppose if Prince Andrew can claim to not be able to sweat in an interview with BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis and some of the nuggets we share the stands with at SJP can run through a pot-pourri of “did he really say that” excuses for terrible behaviour, then Newcastle United’s media department can give it a whirl as well maybe?  Perhaps whoever wrote the drivel on might try the same? Though it is easier to apologise. Admittedly, that takes a smidgeon of class and self-awareness.

Anyway, that’s a separate issue to what we are still attempting to process from the rare communiqué from Castle Greyskull on Barrack Rd.

Others have picked apart the detail of the risible nonsense we’ve read open-mouthed – but my interest is in what has driven a usually reticent B&W politburo to show their hand in this way.

My speculation is there has been a major falling out between the axis of Ashley-Barnes-Charnley (ABC) and the man they appointed to be their dupe and human shield – Steve Bruce.

The club in the form of the vile triumvirate ABC (Ashley-Barnes-Charnley) appears to be miffed that Bruce may not be happy with what has passed for a summer transfer window at Newcastle United. The statement hints at a disagreement between the ABC and their useful idiot about what team-building would be undertaken.

The ABC are heavily stressing that Bruce knew the score when they pushed the boat out (that would be their description, not mine) for Joe Willock and essentially signing the Arsenal reserve for £20m+ (a modest sum in today’s market) did their dough so put the block on any further signings … even loan deals … which were dependent upon more players leaving the club to go along with Atsu, Carroll, Lejeurne, Muto, Saivet plus a raft of Academy players in the summer.

That perhaps explains the enthusiasm to get Krafth on his way to Fulham on the last day of the window.

We have a number of scenarios – Bruce wilfully ignoring what the ABC put to him in the summer about the Willock deal … going the extra mile and all of that drivel … to begin briefing his many friends in the media as to how he has been shafted.

Or Bruce hasn’t been paying attention – which given the lack of grip he has on the most basic of information – I’d find entirely believable.

There are also other scenarios of the ABC lying to Bruce (and on these occasions we revert back to the experiences of Kevin Keegan and Jonas Gutierrez) which again isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

One thing is certain however and that is the squad we have will do very well to remain in the Premier League.

What is less clear is how deep the schism is now between Steve Bruce and the ABC. It isn’t apparently unusual for Steve Bruce to have days off and one of the areas of criticism of his management is the laissez-faire style of his regime.

That is in sharp contrast to his predecessor Rafa Benitez, famed for the intensity of his preparation, attention to detail and well, appetite for hard-work.

But supporters are bewildered and angry that on the back of an opening three PL games without a win and having exited the League Cup after failing to score against Burnley at SJP, Bruce is now on holiday in Portugal.

I don’t think it is unreasonable for supporters to expect the Head Coach and staff to be at Darsley Park preparing for a daunting trip to Old Trafford, Ronaldo return et al. Or has Bruce, imagining how a walloping will be viewed by his media chums as inevitable decided to bin it off and go and sun himself?

Just a note to all staff and players at Newcastle United – the away end has sold out so if you wouldn’t mind at least having a try in Manchester, that would be greatly appreciated.

The hop to Chez Bruce in Portugal makes me wonder if this is part of the Head Coach’s indifference to putting the hard yards in on the training ground or something else?

That something else involves a bit of a dust-up between Bruce and the ABC and a cooling off period before he returns to Tyneside to have his puppet strings refitted. Frankly, if Bruce has not threatened to pull Charnley’s head off and stick it up his arse given what has been achieved this window, then he is not delivering on his scarcely credible claim to want to improve the squad.

If he returns to Benton and in his next press conference waffles through it talking in clichés and implausible defences of this window, then frankly he will deserve the opprobrium spilling from the away end at Old Trafford.

The excitedly discussed security arrangements around the dug-out for the game with Leeds on the Friday the 17th at SJP may not be the complete over-reaction I currently imagine it to be.

What is abundantly clear however and that is this window is a fork in the road for Bruce, the ABC and the support.

If Bruce goes public with his discontent at how the club has prepared for this season (or even briefs the #FOSB in private) then he creates an unsustainable conflict with the ABC we became familiar with in the Rafa years.

However, if Bruce insults the intelligence of supporters with standard lines acting as cover for his bosses then the bile it will create in the stands will make his job impossible now the paying public is back at games.

For seasoned Newcastle United watchers under Ashley, all of this is familiar ground. Bruce is now stuck between choosing the Pardew route of bullshitting fans or the Rafa position of letting us know his discontent.

Benitez was able to take that position because such is his CV he knew there would be other opportunities if the ABC continued ignoring him. Pardew exited stage-left despite a 6-year contract at the earliest possible opportunity for Palace and subsequent failures we predicted. Benitez is now in the running for Manager of the Month at ambitious Everton having earned a pot of money in China. You have spotted the difference between these men?

This is Bruce’s last roll of the dice in the PL – he has oscillated from job to job, achieving not very much and his career buttressed by his canny lad schtick and media pals.

My guess is he will return from Portugal and he’ll go down the path of least resistance. That way he’ll keep his well-paid job, mindful his exit from United is the terminus for a mediocre though lucrative career.

Our club is once again, tearing itself apart.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …