As I type this, the world of Newcastle United is being turned upside down. Piracy, arbitration, takeover and Saudi Mags are the words on everyone lips. Those lips being readily refreshed by cans, bottles and magnums of various shapes and sizes.

What does this mean though, in reality. The thought we could go straight for Conte and Haaland is amazing but unrealistic. Newcastle need someone to navigate the initial cash influx and get the right players for right now, before we start looking to buy Messi out of his PSG contract. That person needs to be ambitious, a winner and a good coach. They need to understand Newcastle United and know this is about more than money in most people’s eyes. When Man City got rich, they bought Robinho as their star man when the money was rolling in. That team was an average team managed by an average manager with a sprinkle of magic. That manager was Mark Hughes and that may be one thing which slowed City’s initial progression down. Wrong man at a key time.

If things change, we need the right man for right now. Conte would be great in a few years when we’ve established ourselves but what could he do with Joelinton and Jacob Murphy? We need someone to transition us from zeroes to heroes with lots of zeroes on our bank balance.

I put forward the case for Steven Gerrard. A glittering footballing career including accolades at every level he graced. But the one I loved about the man was his drive. He was a winner. He once talked about being obsessed with moving people out of his position as a player so that he could play. He had a fire that few others could match. To hire that ambition and attitude at Newcastle would be something amazing. Especially at a time of change. I feel he would thrive in the spotlight that this role, at this time would bring. He’s used to it. He’s had it his whole footballing life. He’s a star. A legend. A big name. And by the looks of it a talented coach.

I’ll not have too much of the “it’s a two team league” stuff here I must admit. Ask the new Celtic manager if he thinks it’s an “easy league”. I suspect not. In 3 full seasons and 16 games into this season, he’s won 108 games. I reckon that’s more than Steve Bruce has won in his managerial career. He’s played in Europe and done well given his resources, the champions league this season being the exception. They’ve played exciting counter attacking football on the continent and possession based football domestically. The idea that a manager can coach a team to play two different ways depending on the competition must blow Steve Bruce’s mind. He averages 2.1 points per games in all competitions over his tenure. Steve Bruce’s highest single return from any game this season is one point.

The other thing which attracts me to Gerrard is the timing in his career. From his perspective he 100% wants the Liverpool job one day. He needs premier league experience to do that. So let’s give him that chance when we are building ourselves. Then we poach Pep from Man City and beat Gerrard’s Liverpool to the league title. Perfect.

I’m not saying we need to be a stepping stone and be doing him a favour, but we need to be realistic here. We aren’t the finish product and won’t be for a while, no matter how much we try and spend in January. We will be a team, club, squad and city in transition for a while yet. We need someone to guide us through that transition. For as much as he may use us as a stepping stone, we will also be using him as a stepping stone to the next step. That’s a win win for both parties.

The main factor for me, in trying to appoint Gerrard would be one thing. When Rangers won the league, the players poured beer on the floor of the dressing room and he slid across the dressing room on his chest and stomach in full suit. He isn’t Scottish. He isn’t from Glasgow. He’s a man who knows what that club means to the fans and it’s city and he embraced it. He hung out of the windows of the stadium clapping the fans during lockdown when he should probably have been encouraging them to go home. He gets it. He’s from a city like Glasgow. And like Newcastle. That matters to me more than a lot of things.

I’ve seen a lot on Twitter as the excitement is building today and tonight. The best thing I’ve read is something along the lines of this isn’t about money, and being the “richest club in the world”. It’s about having the club back. About showing your kids or family what it is that drew you to our club. What you admired about it. I think Steven Gerrard would get that in a way that a lot of other managers wouldn’t. And for that reason alone, as soon as the ink is dry on the cheque in Mike Ashley’s pocket, I’d hope the first call the new owners make is to Glasgow.

Dai Rees – @colemans_dream