It’s that time again – a new issue of true faith (TF106) is now with the printer being er, tf106_cov_widgetprinted and will be with newsagents in the sunlit uplands of Tyneside and beyond this very weekend. Subscriptions will be winging their merry way to every corner of the planet and the e-mail to our digital subscribers telling all it is waiting for them to do their thang with their i-pads, tablets, PCs, lap-tops and God knows what else.

Here we have 64 beautifully designed pages of angst, anger, conspiracy theories, nostalgia, blow-by-coverage of just about every move at Newcastle United since the last time.

All of the usual stuff is in it as well as pieces questioning Pardew, Ashley, Kinnear, the supporters, individual players and we’ve also got detailed analysis of United’s investment in players since 2007 compared to what went before and what is going on elsewhere. Get an informed opinion here. The press isn’t doing its job analysing what goes on at St James’ Park, so it’s over to scum like us to do it given they have abrogated their civic responsibilities.

Everything you read in true faith is 100% original. There is no plagiarism or copying. We do the new stuff.

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