Issue 106 of your little pocket-rocket fanzine, true faith is ready for sale and on tf106_cov_widgetits way to every half decent newsagent on the sunlit uplands of Tyneside and its surrounding hinterland.

This is how you can get it:

Option No.1 – why not take out a subscription to true faith? You’ll have the little fellas posted immediately to you the very moment we get them back from the printers and they will be with you quick-snap-pronto. Our subs go to every corner of the United Kingdom as well as all over the world. You can take out a subscription here.

Option No.2 – You can still buy your copy of true faith directly from us and many of you do. To get the new issue of true faith, just go here.

Option No.3 – If you are part of a growing band of our readers who likes to consume their reading material digitally, we can sort that for you with a Digital subscription. The Digital subscription is cheaper and quicker as well as allowing you access to a growing back catalogue of previous issues of the true faith. For further details, just go here.

Obviously, you’ll be able to buy true faith from your local newsagent (if you live on Tyneside) and outside the match. That’s all great obviously but if you want to help us out, its better financially for true faith  if you buy direct from us.

We really appreciate your continued support for true faith and the small profit we make from the fanzine, keeps everything here going.