Great news. Issue 141 of the newly relaunched hard-copy version of TRUE FAITH is now out just in time for Christmas.

All of our hard-copy subscriptions have been posted First Class and should have been dropping on doormats from Byker to the Bronx today and over the next couple of days. The digital version will be e-mailed over the weekend.

For those who don’t know, TRUE FAITH is an A5 magazine and is 48-pages, full colour, professionally designed with a high quality finish. It contains 100% high quality, original content written by supporters for supporters. The fanzine is a mix of comment on what is happening at United, retro, history and a whole load of other material in regular columns and one-off articles. The fanzine is written completely from the perspective of supporters who follow the club in a variety of ways – including home and away zealots, season ticket holders, regular and irregular attenders, Ashley refuseniks, ex-pats and everyone else in between. All are united by a common love of Newcastle United. The fanzine isn’t just one long diatribe against Mike Ashley that you can read anywhere on the internet, it is far more varied than that because there is more to following our club than hating the owner and his evil works.

Since 1999 TRUE FAITH has been providing the alternative view on life at Newcastle United and the world around it. You’ll agree with some of the stuff you read in the fanzine and you won’t with other stuff. That’s what comes with publishing the opinions of a wide cross selection of people.

TRUE FAITH started in 1999 as a 32-page 2-colour fanzine but thanks to the hard-work and dedication of a lot of good people it has grown to become one of the most respected and well-read titles in the UK. Over the years we’ve refined and improved this here website which carries reports of all United first team games and they are all written by people stood or sat watching Newcastle United live in the flesh. We now host the largest Newcastle United podcast with an ever-growing audience and we intend to add to our platforms and become more professional at how we do stuff over the next few months. And we also have our very, very popular match-day newsletter, THE SPECIAL which comes to you FREE of charge and is very much a mini-fanzine on a phone for those who consume their media through their smart-phones and other devices. This has all got a lot bigger and more complex since the days of letraset and xerox.

But the hard-copy fanzine is something of which we’re very fond and it was brought back at the constant request of supporters who wanted to read their fanzine in paper-back. We’re delighted to oblige.

We need your support and taking out a subscription is the best way to give us it and keep the fanzine flame burning at Newcastle United.

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But remember you can be more than just a TRUE FAITH reader or listener. We want as many as people to become involved in producing our content as possible. As long as you have a genuine love of Newcastle United, a point to make and can write in a way which entertains and informs your fellow supporter, we want to hear from you. You don’t have to be a published writer or have any fancy dan qualifications but we’re not arsed if you do and you want to get involved. You don’t have to be one of those super-fans we keep hearing about and you don’t have a big idea in mind you want to write about – we’ll provide you with the inspiration to write for Newcastle United’s only fanzine.

To volunteer your services, drop us a line on and we’ll put you to work quick snap.

If you are local to the Newcastle area you can buy TRUE FAITH directly from:


M & M NEWSAGENTS at the top of Northumberland St opp the Haymarket Metro Station