The Newcastle United kit under merchandiser Castore has been on sale for coming to seven days but whilst the local press has been giving the new kit de-facto free advertising, there are some continuing questions that should be put to Newcastle United and Castore.

The source for additional questions to Castore come as a result of information shared by David Dubas-Fisher (@dubasfisher) who is a Sport Data journalist for the Reach Data Unit. Reach is the company that owns The Mirror chain of newspapers which also includes The Chronicle.

Please see enclosed some information about prices of Premier League replica kits published by David over the last week:

The most cursory glance at the table provided by David shows that Newcastle United’s replica kit sold by Castore is the fifth most expensive in the Premier League currently on sale. Castore’s Newcastle United shirt is more expensive than Arsenal’s and Man Utd’s in particular.

Of particular interest is Wolves replica shirt on sale at £55. Wolves merchandising is also produced by Castore. Newcastle United’s is £65.

The big questions are therefore:

Why is Newcastle United’s Castore kit one of the most expensive in the country?

Why has Castore priced Newcastle United’s replica shirt £10 more than Wolves?

What do Newcastle United supporters get for that extra £10?

There are a whole range of additional points about the Castore kit that are apparently being ignored and on the back of Euro 2020, issues related to the “takeover” (c), transfer funds etc that seem to have distracted supporters from a serious part of the Newcastle United operation under Mike Ashley.

Given Ashley’s behaviour with Rangers, their merchandising, intellectual property rights which led to several court cases and which severely reduced the Ibrox club’s income, those of us around Newcastle United should really be paying this far more attention – and that includes supporters.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …