Supporting Newcastle United is not easy. There are many things in life that are preferable, whether it be going for a nice walk or being dropped into awarzone with nothing more than a farmer’s shotgun and a kitchen knife.Regarding the recent run of results and performances, I honestly believe that given that choice of activity, some supporters would struggle to decide.

Certainly, the fallout after recent matches has felt like a warzone, which just about sums up the state of Newcastle United in this day and age.

As a club with such a proud history, and such a loyal and passionate fanbase, it is heart-breaking to see what has become of Newcastle. However, what is even more humiliating, is the way supporters are dictated to by pundits who are supposed to be experts in the field. They tell us what we should and should not expect, and why we should be grateful for what we have. It can really seem like the whole of the football media is against Newcastle, and the views of actual supporters are simply not acknowledged. At times it feels like you would get more of a balance of perspectives from a Soviet politician.

BBC 5 Live’s duo Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage have certainly had their say on Newcastle United. It is their belief that Steve Bruce is doing just as good a job as his predecessor, Rafa Benitez. Back in November, Sutton went on a tirade(on behalf of the pair)in defence of Bruce whilst speaking on 5 Live.

Sutton’s fixation on the tiny details comparing Bruce’s and Benitez’s points tallies and spending records is about as laughable as his co-presenter’s knee slide on Strictly. Despite Sutton’s claims that they prove that the two managers have similar records, it does not take into account the teams the points were achieved with or how the money was spent. Anyone who knows anything about Newcastle United in recent years will recognise this.

I have always maintained that you cannot compare Bruce and Benitez, and quite frankly I would rather listen to John Carver explain why he was the best coach in the Premier League than listen to Chris Sutton ramble on that someone who’s greatest achievement in management is a Championship Play-Off victory, is in some way comparable to a Champions League winner.

The fact that Sutton even mentioned that Bruce has “never managed a team in the top 7” in an apparent defence of the man shows that this argument wasas structurally sound asthe Dunston Rocket. Despite what Sutton says, the only managerial mountain Steve Bruce has climbed has led him to crisps, not trophies.

Whilst the immediate problem at Newcastle is Steve Bruce, the long-standing issue is of course our notorious owner, Mr. Ashley. This is a man who has overseen two relegations of a club that had previously gone down fewer times than Manchester United.He is alsoa man who had no issue with multi-million-pound football players taking ice baths in bins. Classy.

Yet somehow, individuals such as Rio Ferdinand believe we should be thanking Ashley. Thanking Mike Ashley. Thanking the man who has ripped the core out of our football club and left it on its knees without a drop of hope! Thanking the man who sells mugs that if spilled could flood your kitchen! Admittedly, that last point was not serious, but you get the point.

Making comments like that, you do wonder what went through his head to reach such a conclusion.

According to Ferdinand when Newcastle last went down, Mike Ashley invested £50 million of his own money to get them back up. Never mind the fact that this money was generated from the sales of Gini Wijnaldum and Moussa Sissoko. When the point was put to him that Newcastle were being outspent by the likes of Brighton and Huddersfield, he called us a yo-yo club. Whilst this comment is simply untrue, I feel that it is more important to highlight that thisis coming from a man who criticised Rafa Benitez’s style of play at Liverpool, despite Benitez’s Liverpool thumping a Man. Utd side featuring Ferdinand himself, 1-4 at Old Trafford.

There are others in the media such as Richard Keys, Andy Gray and Jamie Redknapp, whose comments have also generated much backlash, but instead of constantly focusing on the negative I must point out that amidst the poorly researched, misinformed pundits, there are one or two who simply get it.

People like Jake Humphrey. Whilst not being an ex-pro or a so-called expert, Humphrey’s stringent defence of Newcastle and the expectations of supporters, is as refreshing as the pint I will be having the moment the pubs reopen.

In a tweet about Newcastle’s recent win over Everton, Humphrey used the words “desire”, “effort” and “pride” to describe the performance, before going on to say that the display “is actually all #Newcastle fans expect. And they have every right to do so.”

If words like that could be bottled and sold in Newcastle, you would make a fortune.

Jake Humphrey deserves a lot of credit for going against the grain when it comes to Newcastle. If others had his attitude and understanding, then life for Newcastle supporters would be a lot easier. It might even make watching Brucey-ball more bearable. Okay, maybe that was a push too far, but it would certainly help. The feeling of being understood and listened to by the wider football media would be priceless, and thanks to Humphrey we have a little taste of what that might be like.

Daniel Wales – @daniel.wales023