Well that was absolutely fucking atrocious. I might start a petition to end Newcastle United SOTON13.14match days at 2:59; I reckon everyone would be quite chuffed with that! Leaving Manchester at 7:30 to head down south for a game I fully knew we were going to get humped in is quite hard to take. However, arriving in Southampton I was delighted to see Thomas, Matt, Allen and Kev who’ve, as many on Twitter will know, rode from Newcastle to Southampton for Charity (The links to where to donate are at the bottom).

They are what Newcastle United’s about and always bloody will be- People. They’ve raised over £2000 pounds so far, fair fucking play to them, and I for one am proud to call them my mates. They were rightly in good spirits as was everyone as the south coast sun got to all our heads by 2:50 some were even predicting a shot! We should all better by now!

That performance is as bad as it can get for a football fan. Nowt winds us up like gutless displays by players wearing the badge we all love. There’s little need to say anything more, however I will.

The longest trip of the season and Newcastle United put in a display that since Cabaye’s exit is an all too familiar: pathetic, tactically inept and lacking in heart. Yesterday, from what I saw as I walked out in disgust after 3rd, was as bad as I’ve seen us under Pardew.

And there’s no lack of competition when it comes to utter shite displays under that fucking clown. We started horrendously I can’t remember us stringing 3 passes together as we were dominated by the class of Lallana, Lambert and Rodriguez , two players Pardew  had when he had the Saints languishing 7th in League 1.

As someone tweeted yesterday Pochetino has turned championship players into Internationals whilst Pardew’s done the total opposite. Southampton are an absolute credit to the English game, just look at the players they’ve produced and are continuing to produce – we can’t compete with them apparently. What is the NE no longer a hotbed of football? If any club shows why all of our academy staff need sacking then it’s Southampton.

To be honest by the time the first came it should have been 4 or 5 with Elliot keeping us in the game. Williamson (Keep him as far away from Brazil as possible please) and Mbiwa looking particularly shaky. The goal came just before half time and that was what Southampton fully deserved; they didn’t look like a side that have sweet FA to play for, Lambert feeding Rodriguez who eventually put a chance home.

HT craic was mainly of lads sacking certain games off because they can’t be arsed anymore, these are lads who go everywhere from Moscow to Morecambe. Apathy is killing our support and our club. It’s horrible to see.

The second half started and we quickly realised he’d taken off Ben Arfa, that’s how to get us back in a game of football Alan take off the player who can retain the ball and create something . Fucking clown. Only players that improve under Pardew are your bog standard types; Gouffran, Williamson and Perch, players that will never win you anything.

Imagine how Keegan or Robson would have managed Ben Arfa ! They certainly wouldn’t mismanage their most talented player. He’s off in the summer and I’m still convinced if managed properly he’ll come good. De Jong replaced him and if I start off about him we could be here all night. So, I’ll just say he’s less use up top than Shefqi Kuqi was!

The second came early into the second half through Lambert who gave a non-arsed Colo and Williamson the run around all afternoon. United couldn’t even muster anything after, during or before that. There’s no leader on that pitch whatsoever. We’re devoid of one from top to bottom.

Coming off the match for a moment, for a bloke of Sissoko’s size has anyone seen such a bottling kernt in all their lives? If he goes to the WC then France are in more shite than England.

A 3rd goal followed with Lallana scoring with a superb strike. That was enough for me and many others. I’m not staying around watching that lump of shite look half arsed about something that means so much to me. However, if you did stay you’re a better man than I. Well done you’re a credit to NUFC but I just couldn’t take any more of it. By the time we reached Southampton station it was four. However, it’s all a bit irrelevant as in all honestly our season ended on the 4th of January at home to Cardiff in the Fa cup. I don’t know about you but I wish it was May 11th already.

Before I leave you please give anything you can to www.justgiving.com/nufcagainstcancer1

Or text NUFC 53 or 48 with an amount ‘£10’ to 70070. Those lads who rode deserve anything you can give them.

Keep the Faith and #PARDEWOUT

Newcastle United: Elliot 8 Mbiwa 3(Santon 4) Williamson 3 Colo 3 Haidara 5 Sissoko 2 Tiote 4 Ben Arfa 4 (de Jong 2 ) Anita 5 Gouffran 3 Cisse 4

Our Fans 10 – They fucking turned up unlike the players

Their Fans 4- Very Championship and apparently their all off to Brazil