Whey aye, as they say? What a night. I flew roughly 3700 miles for this match, and though I wanted the three points, we did get an exciting one. We led after 20 seconds or so. Absolute dream start. I took the train into town from London, and quickly made my way to the Complete Angler, where I made two mates, George and David. Chatted for a couple hours, had more than a couple drinks, and ended up watching the match together.

The opening goal was mayhem. I don’t say this lightly- I’ve been a massive Yankee fan for as long as I could speak, seen 5 World Series, watch my Ravens win a Super Bowl – but the sheer joy of that opening goal, that moment, stopped my heart. No comparison. We broke right away, and I couldn’t even tell you who played the ball into the onside Perez’ feet in front of goal. Great finish. If only he’d been so ruthless home to QPR.. We barely had time to collect ourselves before we should have been two-nil up. Sliced their defence apart and Mitro was through on goal, with what looked like just a leg to deny us what I believe would’ve been the nail in the coffin. Should’ve scored. Ruddy played a strong throw in on the left hand side, and Jerome got the better of Lascelles, with just pure strength beating him to the touch line and sending a low cross towards the far post for Jacob Murphy to apply the finish. Sorely disappointing. Darlow has been class. Great keeper, a ton of experience ahead of him, I think he’ll be a keeper for England at some point. But last night, he had one hell of an error. Ball was played over the top, and Darlow just had to come out, with plenty of time, and punt it away on the half volley. He scuffed his kick completely, and Jerome was there to celebrate before scoring and walk it in. It was hard to watch. The remainder of the first half was pretty much a blur. It seemed yet again that Mitro was treated unfairly, there were a number of calls that could’ve gone our way that didn’t.

At halftime , the atmosphere in the area under the south stand was a bit funny – everyone was pretty much in agreement that we gifted them both goals, and that our record coming back in games we’re down a goal isn’t great. Heard a number of people talking about how they’ll take 2-2. The second half, we created a number of chances, I thought we were by far the better side. Norwich had a half chance but otherwise, it was all us. I don’t have much to compare it to, but I thought the traveling fans did a good job supporting the team last night, always up and chanting. Ritchie hit the bar, and we were really starting to dominate the half. finally, Lascelles’ goal had the away end in absolutely mayhem, and after a celebration that near gave me a heart attack, we were sure we’d won at least a point. Can’t recall who it was, but the free kick at the edge of the box at the death was a massive opportunity, either Shelvey or Gouffran – impossible to tell from far away with Gouffrans ridiculous haircut – curled it into the area and it bounced around, could’ve landed at anyone’s feet. Alas, they cleared and the whistle blew. It feels like a point won, given the absolute nightmare moment for Darlow and a weak showing early on in the match from Lascelles.

Would’ve loved to have nipped it, but for my first away match, it was quite a spectacle, the atmosphere was as stellar as I hoped it would be. Went back to the angler after the match for some post-game brews, ended up out far too late, and I write this all as sit on an early train back to London, sweating the booze out.

Overall – awesome night, feels worth the 3000 miles of travel.

Brad Harrison – Follow Brad on @brad_Harrison49

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