I’m not even sure I need to sum that up. Lets try with pitiful, pathetic and painful for CityFeb15starters. Yesterday was just another day in my long painful divorce with Newcastle United. As I’ve said on so many occasions this just isn’t fun any more.

Being a resident in the most arrogant place in the world made yesterdays trip was a nice easy one for me. The day started with meeting a few locally based mags in the very reasonably priced oyster bar. £2.12 for pint ! That’ll always put a smile on my face. We then headed on to the Waldorf which is the proper match day going supporter pub in Manchester. Having met up with my brother in law he naively asked me my thoughts on the result. I predicted 2-0, 3-0, 4-0. Seems I was too optimistic. Fuck me how depressing is that ?!?!

The main reason I continue to go is the craic and again that was tremendous. I’m very lucky that group of lads I go away with are decent and never make a massive embarrassment of themselves like many of our support do.
On to the game and I’ll be honest I can’t really comment much as I missed the majority of it. I was finishing my pint when I heard a roar which I presumed were the teams coming out, little did i know it was because we’d given away a penalty. Who the fucks gives a penalty away 30 seconds in ? Beyond a joke us. Having watched the incident back fuck knows how Ajax graduate Vurnon Anita can’t control a 3 yard pass. The lads piss poor, no debate needed.
I walked into the ground as Aguero was just stepping to easily roll home a penalty. 1-0 minute in. From that moment youadidaspreorder knew it was going to be a long night. The procession started shortly after with Nasri scoring a ridiculously easy goal with Coloccini turning his back on the ball like a 3 year girl. His performances are beyond a fucking joke now. I’m adamant this shit wouldn’t happen if the likes of Nolan were still about. Those lad might have not been the most talented but at least they looked like they gave a fuck which is more than can be said for the current bunch.
By this point I was desperately wanting the bar to open and after the third goal which in all fairness was delightfully set up by David Silva I made my way out.
A quick side note, once again a few moronic fans booed Man City fans for not going during the 17th minuted applause. To be bruttally honest I have no fucking idea why this is still going on. I cant work out who’s more morbid us over John & Liam or the Daily Express over Diana. It’s lost all meaning now so can we stop doing it.
So from 22 minutes onwards I was waiting for the bar to open, which Man City duly obliged in opening early, so I could get a pint in and forget about the torture I subjected my eyes to for 22 minutes. There was no shock or disappointment amongst the lads at HT I’m not even sure we discussed the match. Its all that pointless at the moment.
After hearing they’d scored a 4th and 5th shortly I exited the Etihad to head back to town. I’m just not arsed anymore. Our clubs just a laughing stock
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