Newcastle United tonight began a run of dreadful fixtures which will see out what has been an absolutely terrible year for so many reasons, of which football is frankly amongst the least important. What we saw at the Etihad tonight was a reminder that there aren’t many people at NUFC that think football is important anyway.

We’ve not won at the Etihad for 20 years and with Wilson rested, a sensible decision really when you look at the pile of games we have coming in a very short space of time, and both central midfielders dropped/rested meant we saw an unexpected and unfamiliar lineup. Joelinton up front on his own summed up what we all expected pre-match. We’d thrown in the towel before we travelled. Both central midfielders from that disgrace at Brentford were dropped or rested. Who really cares if they were dropped or rested? They were both appalling on Tuesday night and neither deserved to play tonight.

I have no intention of writing about the performance tonight because what is the point? We didn’t try to play properly. A 2-0 defeat flattered us immensely. Man City were poor but didn’t have to try. They should throw us out of the league for not fulfilling the fixture. I’d actually not even mind at this stage.

Personally, I couldn’t have been more apathetic about tonight’s fixture. Tuesday night sucked the life out of me personally and the fanbase as a whole. The tiny bit of excitement that we had left for this year didn’t just disappear, it was wrenched away by an utterly pathetic performance (I’m loathe to even use the word performance it was that bad) against a second division side who rested at least 5 of their most important players.

Then I saw Bruce’s comments in the pre-match interviews. He described our criticisms, which Bruce himself said they would have to accept just 4 days ago, as histrionics. Histrionics. That’s what our Geordie manager thinks of our opinions now. Following that disgrace on Tuesday night (and our capitulation against newly promoted Leeds and home draw against 10 man Fulham, all in the space of 6 days).

After the game it got worse.

“We needed to respond to the heavy criticism which rightly came our way. It was a big improvement.” Which is it Steve? Histrionics or justified criticism? You’ve changed your mind publicly twice in the space of 5 days. Was that a response? A response to what? I actually don’t understand what he thought he was watching if that was a response.

“We had a bad week but some of the mass hysteria, in my opinion, was unfair.” Changed your mind again? It isn’t unfair because we’ve been absolutely fucking terrible at football through the most crucial ten days of the season. It’s your team playing your football at “your club” and its fucking dreadful. And it’s your fault.

Clearly we’re past the point of no return with Bruce as our manager. The comments about the fanbase in recent weeks are inexcusable and insulting. The football is so dire it’s not worth watching. Many people I’ve spoken with and on social media didn’t even care when we conceded tonight. When it gets to this point, there’s no coming back. The manager must leave, and the decent thing to do would be resign.

Unfortunately for us all, I’ll not be holding my breath on that one.