So, Liverpool away was fun. A forgettable game that one TF writer wont forget in a while. anfieldapril15

Being based in Manc means that the Liverpool aways are very easy trips, and unfortunately ones you feel like you have no excuse not to attend.

After a full days graft in sunny Manchester I darted off bang on time to get the train to watch a bunch of players who don’t really deserve my support. Arriving in Liverpool I made my way to The Arkles to meet the lads. All who are the reason I still attend, unfortunately  I’d lose contact with a lot of good mates if I stopped watching United.

On to the game and first and foremost I must praise our support for the impeccable behaviour it showed during the Hillsborough memorial silence. We were quiet whilst the day trippers to my left seemed more arsed about getting their cameras out. Am I the only who finds that disrespectful?

United actually started quite well, Obertan in particular making one dart through the middle of Liverpool’s defence which led to sighs from me and my mates as to why he never came on for the useless Sammy last week.

After this Cabella had a shot which was about as weak as him, but all in all United looked
more lively in the first 5 minutes than they did for the entire game last week.

Sadly, after 9 Minutes it was standard United again when Sterling, no better than Dyer at that age by the way mind, easily bent the ball past Krul. Ryan Taylor’s defending of Sterling at that point showed, however nice a bloke, he’s finished at the top level. Another one who isn’t good enough for Newcastle United.

After Liverpool’s goal the evening began to get interesting for yours truly. As clear in the photo above I was right next to the home fans, which to LFC’S stewards outrage wasn’t my specified seat. When Liverpool scored a rather large lady gave a ‘Dickhead signal’ to me, which I reacted to by pointing out that she was larger than life. Banter went back and forth and I found it quite amusing how easy I was able to wind up a lot of Liverpool fans.

2 minutes after this Shelia, a Liverpool steward, who seemed very depressed and sexually frustrated told me off for inciting the home support. Never once did Shelia say what in particular.

5 minutes passed when Liverpool stuck a steward to stand in front of me for apparently
standing in a seat not allocated for for our away support. This lad was 6ft 4 and meant I couldn’t see a thing without ducking & diving away from him. At this point I was being told off by him for trying to watch the game. £52 and I couldn’t even watch the fucker !!!

Just before a Liverpool free kick in the 26th minutes I was asked to have a chat by a Liverpool steward, which I obliged to. What I then experienced after was a very bizarre 10 minutes.

3 Liverpool stewards surrounded me and asked for my ID and match ticket, no reason was given for why so I refused . After which they forced the Police to request me to hand over that information.

When they came over I duly obliged, fuck getting in any bother with them. I might look it but I’m not daft.

I was then informed I was being chucked out by the LFC stewards without any other reason than inciting home fans by pointing and ignoring stewards’ request to stop standing in a steward seat.

When asked what I said Shelia, the sexually frustrated LFC steward, commented that she wasn’t in a position to comment as she couldn’t hear me. She also had a go at me for allowing my mates to stick up for me. Sheer madness.

At the Police’s request I had to handover my ST and ID, which Liverpool took down as well as robbing me of my ticket stub. After articulating myself in a very clam manner, I’m better at chatting than writing, the scouse stewards began to lose their rage and asked me to leave which I did. Chucked out by a club for pointing. I’ve stuck up for this club a massive amount, I live in a city that hates them FFS.

I’ve always stuck up for them when less educated fans have blamed them for Hillsborough and for Heysel, to be treat like a hooligan was very hard to take. Never once in 19 years of watching football have I been chucked out. To say I’m pissed off is an understatement.

More amusing than all of this is the fact that Liverpool steward tried to tell me all Manure fans sat down a fortnight ago, does he think I was born yesterday ?!?!

Chucked out by  a club that robbed their own of tickets in Athens in 07 is a bitter pill to taste. I honestly believe we’d never do that to our own.

Thank god I don’t support them, if I did I’m sure they’d probably start a #JusticeforJack campaign. Don’t worry you don’t need to.

I managed to get back to a pub in the city centre for the 2nd half, after a bright start Sterling missed a sitter before the inevitable 2nd was scored at which point I jumped on the train back to Manc.

Having known other lads turfed out of Anfield I may be on the end of a ban. I’ll keep you all informed.

The biggest disgrace of the night was the fact that football fans from two cities with some of the highest unemployment rates in the country were charged £52 to watch a game football.

The game’s gone.

On more important issues we have a big weekend ahead of us. I genuinely believe was can get our club back and it starts on Sunday. #BoycottSpurs is something me and a lot of the TF clan are very much behind.


Keep the faith.

Our fans 10 – for turning up 

Their fans 2- Filming during a minutes applause ?!?!? 

Stewards 0 – Chucked out for pointing. FKIN HELL.

Ed: we have advised to get in touch with the Football Supporters Federation and the Newcastle United Supporters Trust and to take notes from witnesses who observed the incident at Anfield. 


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