Well thank fuck that’s over. A season where for the first time in my lifetime I’ve became apathetic to all. KopThroughout this season I’ve left early , not been arsed when we’ve been beat and all in all been fairly depressed by the whole situation. If it wasn’t for the cracking lads n lasses that support this great club of ours I’d have packed it in.So, on to the last day where we travelled to Anfield where the hosts last day hopes were about as big as ours were in 1996. When I pulled in to Liverpool i wasn’t sure whether I’d turned up at Lime Street or a UN conference, don’t let these kid you they have as much a glory element as Manure.On getting up to Anfield I met a couple of lads in a Liverpool boozer where self importance and arrogance was rife. So for about the first time in years i got to the ground for earlier than 5 to 3. You could quite easily spot there were numerous Liverpool fans in our end, in fact i found 2 who had been provided tickets by one of our players ! What the fuck is that all about ?!?! Although, I must admit to having a chuckle when a lad who’d obviously paid over the odds was turned away head to toe in Liverpool club shop attire. What a pillock.

However upon entering into Anfield no drink was served, this having been the case the last 3 times we’ve been to Anfield. A steward informed me that we were too much bother, well I’m sorry but i think that’s a tad hypocritical. I’ve heard numerous stories of them causing bother away from home and everyone remembers their antics in Athens. Also, in addition anti Pardew banners were refused entry due to health and safety concerns ! Well fuck knows how they get those 10ft poles in the Kop then. Double standards me thinks.

On to the game and the first 45 minutes was as well as I’ve seen us play in months. We kept the ball well and whilst not looking a major threat on the break we were more threatening than previous weeks. While, Liverpool looked like a side that had bottled the league,their crowd knew they’d blown it as well. Whilst our crowd was more concerned singing about Benefits, the dole and Steve Gerrard. What on earth is happening to our away support ? The last 3 months have been as poor as I’ve seen it. Sunderland away seems to be the only one where our support is what I’d class as proper Newcastle. Back to the game and we took a shock lead after some decent link up by Haidara and Gouffran who’s cross was diverted past Kevin Nolan’s ball boy by Skrtel. United should have been two up after a superb through by Shola, who was superb in the 1st half, was wasted by Gouffran. Doesn’t he claim he’s a striker by trade ? No fucking chance. Liverpool missed chances through Suarez and Sturridge but United were very much value for their 1-0 lead.

The second half was a very mundane end of season affair with us being in relative control till Phil Dowd, who’s gave us nowt since that 4-4, started giving everything Liverpool’s way. This led to free kicks, which although harshly given, were inexcusably defended with Krul in particular looking shaky. He’s another that’s been Pardewed. Agger and Sturridge got the goals, the second came after a free kick should have been  given our way after Shola wad fouled in their half. Now, for Shola to be booked then sent off for disent you know something’s seriously aerie. On Shola I’d quickly like to thank him for that scissor kick, Leverkusen and Barcelona. Enjoy what you ever do next. He may have been a disappointment throughout his time here but unlike others he never moaned. Also, i can remember him playing injured on numerous occasions.

After that the game was over Liverpool. Just keeping the ball with ease, while we hopefully saw the last outing of Luuk De Jong.

Dummet got send off for not a lot really, as an England fan i was really wanting someone to do that Ratboy !

Ref blew for FT a 2-1 defeat to complete a pretty woeful season, I don’t really buy into us being great in the 1st half of it. Hull at home and Sunderland give proof to that.

So, that’s another year done and I’m happy to see the back of it. Hopefully by the time we start again in August the NE has another league side and we have a new manager. Don’t hold your breath on the latter.

Enjoy the summer and Keep the faith .


Our Fans: More arsed about them 6

Their fans: More overrated than ours. 3