Well that was as predictable as it was depressing. Newcastle United went out in the LeicesterCupcompetition the clubs proud history was built on at the 3rd round stage for the 6th time in Mike Ashley era. A spineless performance by United was so surprise to the 4’400 loyal supporters who turned up to cheer on United against the top flights bottom side. 4 fucking thousand, be we’re deluded and we expect too much. We’ve won 1 away FA cup tie in 10 ! Are we still expecting too much ?

The trip to Leicester was only one I took yesterday as I’d already bought my ticket before Christmas. I was less than enthused over it but given Carver’s patter on New Years Day I expected a half decent side. On arrival in Leicester ( What a fucking hell hole btw. On par with Stoke for me) I met up with the usual suspects. It seemed we were all there more out of a sense of duty than enjoyment. This isn’t the club that I fell in love.  A quick side note, in the main our support yesterday was sensational, when are we going to stop singing about ‘Sniffing gear’ and not wanting to leave every shit town we enter or in fact wanting to leave it straight away though ?I struggle to keep up. Get back to singing about Keegan, Harvey , Shearer. The people that make us proud to support United.
On reading the team at 2pm I could see that Carver’s patter was utter shite. Claiming to be ‘One of us’ and knowing what this competition meant to us was utter pish given that line up. No Sissoko, Janmaat, Perez, Colback or Colo. I swear Wolves once got fined for purposely losing a game ?!?! Surely, its no different because its the Fa cup.
On to the game and it was played out between two desperately poor times. United marginally better in the first 30 and scored a very good goal through Cabella that was disallowed for offside. From the away end it looked onside, it was a very good move involving Anita, Armstrong and Cabella. On Cabella, fair play to him yesterday he at least looked half arsed and wanted the ball on at every opportunity. Just a shame we were so shite in Midfield.
On the ball United were so poor. They tried to play from the back which is fucking impossible when you have Mike Williamson. How is he playing premier league football ? There must be a million junkies who fell through the net for this prick to earn a living. Saying that, I saw an ‘Iron Mike’ shirt in the away so maybe we deserve shite like him. We continue to play with our full backs very high. Which I think leads to us having no quality out wide as it leads to Gouffran, Cabella or whoever to pushing inside. Haidara who could neither take on or defend against a training cone was poor and was also fortunate to stay on the pitch. People think this lad is better than Dummett at LB ? Baffling.
When in midfield United continued to give the ball away. Tiote was once again a liability. I’d like to personally thank Alan Pardew for telling this lad he could ‘Play’. Fucking imbecile. He was very good when he used to play simple. Now, he thinks he’s got Glenn Hoddle’s passing range. His midfield partner was no better. I know Anita has a lot of supporters in our crowd, purely because he played for Ajax I imagine, but he’s not good enough. If your at that height you’ve got to be Silva good to play in midfield. Game continues to pass him by.
Just before HT Haidara and Cabella were caught sleeping at a short corner and cross from some lad, I had no idea who many of their players were, was turned in by Ulloa. At HT the main delight was that Blyth were beating Birmingham. At least someone was doing the region proud.
After half time United never looked like getting back in the game. In all honestly if it wasn’t for Alnwick it could have been 4 or 5. This was on par with the dreadful Brighton display of two years ago. Farcical performance. Another who was desperately poor was Riviere. The blokes slow, flat footed has poor first touch and literally never looks like scoring. If Carr signed him then they want to wonder what the fuck he was watching. The lad’s Luuk De Jong bad.
Other than a Vuckic deflected free kick and few crosses across the box I can barely remember us doing anything. The performance was pitiful. The day was summed up when in the 90th Mike Williamson hit a free kick on the halfway line back to Jak Alnwick. It was like we were purposely trying to get knocked out !
At the end Carver and the players came over and were rightly greeted with boos. I really hope he doesn’t get the job. Blokes all passion no idea. Just look at his managerial record. Piss poor. Chants of ‘We’re shit and we’re sick of it’ and ‘We want Ashley Out’ followed. The hates turning up a notch.
Newcastle United: Alnwick 8 Santon 5 (Sakta 57 (5)) Dummett 3 Williamson 1 Haidara 2 Anita 2 Tiote 2 Vuckic 4 (Roberts 79) Cabella 5 Armstrong 4 Riviere 1
Our Support 9 – Fantastic in the main. However, there was an issue with the 17th minute applause. Why have a few started booing teams who don’t clap along ? 1. How do they know ? 2. Whats it got to do with them ? and 3. Do people booing not think that in fact that is disrespectful. Honestly, it ceases belief that I had to explain to someone they were being disrespectful for booing. I think the clapping should stop now. Its lost all meaning.
Their support 6 – Better turnout than I expected.
Anyway well done if you read all of this I’m off for a drink. Dry January ?!?! Not when your support Newcastle United.
Enjoy your week.
Jack McLane – Follow Jack on @jackm1892

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