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An observation from a friend of true faith at Stamford Bridge:  The opening of this game was as unbearable as any I can remember. Chelsea grinding on us like a muscle bound, sex hound at a MTV Base Party on Miami Beach, found themselves 3-0 up after 15 minutes. Diego Costa, Pedro and Willian with the goals. You don’t want to relive the intricacies of those, but the back four were woeful both individually and collectively (Series 7, Episode 13). During those opening 15 minutes, Coloccini bent over and Steven Taylor was both shite and rusty, decision making and timings way off. While shredded wheat head is in danger of ruining young Aarons’ career.
We all know this was a relegation performance. We play poorly, don’t compete and ship 5 to 6 goals. We play ok and get beat regularly. We play out of our skin and stumble over the line against average sides like West Brom and West Ham. The remaining 75 minutes was basically a training session for both sides. Townsend’s well taken consolation the only positive for us, hopefully it gives him confidence.

Doumbia came on and had some nice touches, maybe has a bit of the Oba Martins unpredictability about him. Which McClarenChelsea2probably isn’t an ingredient you want to chuck into a relegation battle. Having said that, its preferable to Mitrovic’s predictability. The level of encouragement “Mitro” receives from the support is great. Undoubtedly benefitting from his place of birth. Signing players from the Balkans is pornography for your football hipster. People can spin it how they like – he’s young, adapting to a new country, new league all of which is true, but don’t lose sight of the reality – he’s not very good. He isn’t lean enough, he plays with his back to goal, he doesn’t hold the ball up well, he rarely wins a 50/50, he’s not very good in the air and his finishing is below average.
Pre and post match, I met up with a few old school mates who grew up with Kerry Dixon posters on their bedroom walls. Talking to them now is like talking to a couple who’ve won the pools. I would say good luck to them, but I wouldn’t mean it. Everything changes, nothing changes. From Ken Bates, Dennis Wise and manky NF flight jackets to Roman Abramovich, Diego Costa and Japanese tourists with 10ft camera lenses. The History of Chelsea FC: A Different Kind of C**t. Having said that, the locals were fine before and after. The only obnoxious cocks I saw all day were on the concourse of the away end. Singing songs about 50 pence, flutes and fucking the mackems and the IRA. Not quite sure what Irish independence has got to do with a spoilt, overweight teenager from Tyneside in an ill fitting Italian jumper. But hey, some people are just dicks. Songs like that don’t suit our club, do they? Proper wool song. Sort of thing I’d expect from a big town type of club like Sunderland, Burnley, Huddersfield, Leicester. You know, the sort of place where people think owning a pair of adidas trainers is a big deal.
Anyway, on a lighter note, I’ve just seen a bloke walk out the Co-Op with a box of chocolates and a cucumber. “Er…. do you want a bag for that?” Who said romance was dead?


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