Sunday 25/10/20 @ 4.30pm




After a couple of weeks off, I’m raring to go. I wonder if the same can be said of Steve and the boys? They head to Molineux this Sunday, fresh from a Mancunian mauling and we’re left once again, scratching our heads as to where the next points are coming from.


Against Ole’s Red Devils, we were so second best it hurt to watch. That I was doing so, squinting at my iPhone with a couple of excitable, Dutch ‘cray-jeee guysh’ commentating didn’t help my overall joie de vivre. Like the vast majority of you, I was willing us to get the unworthiest of points. That’s basically, our lot in life these days. A bit of magic from ASM, our custodian having a blinder and a decent dollop of profligacy from our opposition’s strikers is seemingly the best we can hope for. There’s certainly not much inspiration coming from the loser in our dugout.


So as 80’s popster, Nick Hayward once musically pondered: where do we go from here? Well, the terrifying waterway that worried Haircut 100 so, may well be significantly more appetising than the turgid bollix we’re gonna have to put up with.

Our Tubby Tinkerman just seems to get it wrong the vast majority of the time, doesn’t he? Surely there’s got to be someone better available? He can continue to blame Rafa all he wants, bleat on about it being a ‘work in progress’ etc, but this is definitely his team. Also, he’s had a lot more of Mike’s moolah than El Jefe ever saw. The austerity football Benitez was forced to play rarely excited, but everyone knew their roles, and defensively (for the most part) we were a hard nut to crack. Now, we just mainly look listless and porous.


So, what can he do this Saturday?

We’ve some obvious under performers who just keep getting picked. Is Shelvey a luxury we cannot afford? Joelinton has a couple of half decent games, then reverts to type. Surely, these are two players who should be under massive scrutiny? I heard that both the elder Longstaff and Fraser were ill last week, and that Miggy arrived back very late from South America. All three would walk back in for me. And don’t get me started about playing Kraft cheese slice at right back ahead of Mankini.

At the back. Lascelles – discuss? If I had a fully fit Paul Dummett, I’d have him straight back in.

Our captain is no leader of men, and his performance v Man U was simply unacceptable in my book.


Prediction poser

I’m gonna hold my hands up. To say I’m disillusioned with Premiership football at present, would be a huge understatement. I, therefore catch mere glimpses of televised togger. I know enough to tell you that this weekend’s opposition are better than us. However, I’m gonna leave it to the ‘Special’ boys to terrorise you re the difference in class between the dugouts and appraisals of Jimenez et al. I think we’ll do our best to get a point, but will run out of steam and be undone. I’m predicting either 1 or 2-0 to the Peri-Peri Dingles. Brucie, Brexit, Covid & the fucking Premiership cartel? It’s all rubbish and can get in the bin. Bah.


Nick Clark