Ah, Watford away. There’s nothing like a visit to a commuter friendly, North West London satellite town to get the juices flowing.
A beleaguered Rafa takes his troops to Hertfordshire this Saturday, desperate to get something out of the match. Poor performances and bad results are beginning to stack up like manky dishes and the relegation maw is feeling too close for comfort.
Our November renaissance is becoming a distant memory as injuries and some meaningless kick-a-bout in Asia rob us of a central midfield. We’re left with a Championship schemer, who’d be happier if the bus left him in Watford or a young Geordie lad who looks to have a bit about him, but will probably be too raw to make a difference in this struggling side. Oh, and Mo.
Our Captain has started taking Titus tablets and is looking like the jittery Forest player I watched on occasion as opposed to the fearless leader we got to know and love over the past couple of years. Our esteemed Manager looks close to hoying the towel in and our corpulent, absentee, chocolate fire guard of an owner is oblivious, necking cheap lagers by his gargantuan Floridan pool.
None of the above makes for a happy camp.
If I can somehow attempt to drum up some positives, our keeper is mint, free option Fede is looking class and with our rested loanee Rondón back up top, we at least have some sort of threat.
The problem is, years of penny pinching and asset stripping have left us with possibly/probably the weakest squad in the league. The Hornets are better than us in most/all departments. Watford, man? FFS. We fortunately despatched them 1-0 in the halcyon, Autumnal period mentioned above, but playing them at their place is going to be a tough task.
Deulofeu and Pereyra will be hard to live with if their recent form is anything to go by and big Troy is just the type of flat track bully who loves feasting on flaky Magpies.
Vicarage Road is not a happy hunting ground and as you can probably gather, I’m not too hopeful about this one. We’ll require more of a Goodison style performance than that just witnessed at Anfield. We’ll also probably require a bit of luck. Surely we’re due a little?
When you look at the hideous set of fixtures following this one, it really is important for us to get something. Unfortunately, I just can’t see it. I don’t think it’ll be a Liverpool style twatting, but I can see a fairly comfortable 1 or 2-0 win for the home side.
Come on United. Prove me wrong.
Happy New Year (!)