Burnley FC vs NUFC – Premiership; last round of fixtures

Date: Sunday 22 May 2022 at 4pm (same as the other nine matches)

Quizzy Rascal: How many times have Burnley won the top flight title?

Football Trivia: Burnley were relegated again in 1899–1900 and found themselves at the centre of controversy when their goalkeeperJack Hillman, attempted to bribe opponents Nottingham Forest in the last match of the season.  It is possibly the earliest recorded case of match fixing in football – the sneaky sods.

Preview Ramblings: 

I’ve said it before – “Wow, we’ve stayed up”.  It has been known for weeks we’d be ok – but a glance at the table after this match will give every fair-minded Mag a degree of both pleasure and achievement.

How that achievement ranks against what might happen in future years – who knows?

Standing on the Gallowgate watching David Kelly score THAT goal, I had no thoughts of the legacy that it would help create – at that time, all I wanted was for us to stay up, and the three points that goal earned that day were all that mattered.

This season is slightly different, as we are safer, earlier – BUT, I wonder which ‘goal’ will be seen as the turning point.  I think that 0-1 win at Leeds, and gutsy performance could be seen as the key moment.  What a joy it was to be there (and get in early and have 4 pints).

So – It is both the end (of the season, and Stage One: Project Eddie), and the beginning (of a new era).  This season, wherever we finish on the last day – will be fondly remembered for all it contained.

I’ve said it before, I am a ‘fan’ of Sean Dyche, and I thought it was insane to sack him so close to the end of the season.  However, Burnley have gained a few wins since the gravel-voiced ginger was given the Spanish Archer (el-bow) and today will tell us whether they were right or wrong.

Burnley need the points.  Burnley’s Premier League future is in their own hands. After a battling 1-1 draw at Villa Park on Thursday, they can almost taste survival. With the scouse mackems having produced the best comeback since Lazarus, it comes down to two clubs. Leeds sit in the drop zone on the same 35 point mark at The Clarets, but with a 20 goal difference deficit. With The Lillywhites travelling to an in-form Brentford, Burnley know that matching their result will secure their safety for at least another campaign.

Meanwhile, there is an outside chance that Eddie’s heroes could inconceivably finish in the top 10! Unlikely as that is, that would be simply an incredible performance by the whole club based on the fact that we were all doomed at Christmas.

It was good to see Schar, my fave player, getting a new two-year deal a fortnight ago.  I’ve heard he reads this stuff so I hope he is as pleased as I am.  I know a couple of little rascals called Ollie and Alex (Jernskau), who might be upset at the silky Swizz being seen as a key figure to assist with the resurgence of Newcastle United, as they think he is terrible.  I just hope he doesn’t find out where they live so he cannot pop over an have a quiet word with them; as he bloody well should.

Those who are going will have a great day out, hopefully in the sun.  Shout out to Big D from Paddy Freeman’s Park, thanks for the removal boxes pal!

Enjoy the game and have a great Summer (and don’t believe any rumours or Twitter nonsense until you see the ‘scarf above his head’)!

Freeman Mag (was previously ‘Castle Farm Mag’, before that was ‘Jesmond Vale Mag’, prior to that was ‘Saltwell Mag’, and even earlier known as ‘Sandyford Mag’, but has moved – again, hopefully for the last time).