As I sit here still waiting for my tickets to arrive (!), thoughts turn to our final away game of the season. This time, it’s at Tottenham’s temporary home, Wembley Stadium. As far as I was concerned, Newcastle United at the ‘home of football’ just had be done.

Spurs are a great team. They’ve improved steadily over the last few seasons under the tutelage of Mauricio Pochettino. They are strong throughout their side, with pace, power, guile and goals and have become a top 6 mainstay.

I began this season a big fan of striker, Harry Kane. I see him as a hybrid of Teddy Sheringham & Alan Shearer. A mixture of great touch and excellent power with a great goal ratio to boot. I was also a fan of his tf 138 latest free issue read it herelack of bling and ego. This watered down hero worship disappeared after about 25 minutes of the opening game of the season at SJP when clearly frustrated having being effectively shackled by our new centre half, he took out Lejeune with a scissor action, over the ball assault then stood impassively a few yards away as our he writhed in agony. It left a really bad taste in the mouth.

It was our first reintroduction into how top six players are treated by referees in the Premiership. Had Mitro done the same thing, the referee would’ve had his hand on the red card within a heartbeat. Golden bollocks, as I now think of him, of course got away scot free. Whilst I’m talking talented shitheads, I can’t bear that odious little diving toad, Dele Alli either. Just saying, like.

A few weeks ago, I was looking at this fixture thinking we’ve got half a chance. Having witnessed the last three ‘performances’ I’m feeling somewhat less confident about the outcome. This Newcastle team has achieved much by all pulling in the same direction. This type of collective approach has looked sadly lacking since safety was achieved after a gritty home win over Arsenal. The second half performance at Watford once more revealed what can be achieved when we return to everyone giving their all. Unfortunately, the first half ‘effort’ had left too big a hill to climb.

Therefore, I’m heading to Wembley more in faint hope than anything else. My United journeys to the old Twin Towered version returned a wonderful played 4, lost 4. Can I improve on that depressing stat this Wednesday? Sorry, but I can’t see past a regulation 2 or 3-0 home win. As ever, I hope to be proved wrong.




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