United face 7th place QPR on Tuesday night in front of 3,000 away fans in what could be a very difficult game for PhoenixlogoBenitez’s side.

Saturday was some kind of beautiful dream as far as an away game goes. I’ve seen some attempting to belittle United’s performance and call it ‘workman-like’. In all my years supporting United we’ve always been useless at defending. We’ve always been inconsistent and error prone. To see us so competent, professional and solid is a joy to behold. We score. Then we win.

On Saturday Derby’s fans turned up. Big game and that. On the telly. Their fans got excited and vocal. Their plays huffed Rafa18and puffed and ran and ran. Then we beat them. Men against boys. It’s not arrogant. It’s what happened and it was glorious. The bouncing away end was testament to that. You don’t get that kind of reaction, 15 minutes after full time after you’ve supposedly scraped out an undeserved win. You get that after the total application of a side that 6 months a go were reviled by many supporters. Benitez’s United are a class act that give the opposition nothing. They suck the life out of them. I put it on about 55 mins that Derby simply realised they weren’t going to score. A crushing realisation for a side, playing at home, just one down.

QPR have been an insanely mixed bag this season so far. After smashing Leeds on the opening day they’ve lost at home to Preston (23rd) and drawn with Blackburn (24th). Two away wins and a defeat and QPR find themselves just two points behind United. The table is so embryonic at this stage of the season that a victory or a defeat can see your league position catapult or dramatically drop. A draw would be a good result for United, keep the run going and set us up nicely for back to back home games with Wolves next week.EntertainersAnniversary_Poster-2

I think we’ll win though. How QPR prepare for United I have no idea. I can’t even pretend to tell you who’ll start bar Lascelles, Sels & Mbemba. Both fullbacks could change. Or they could stay the same. The same goes for the strikers. Ritchie will probably start. Past that I’ve no idea but considering players can’t get on United’s bench who start for every other team in the division – anyone that does start better make the most of it.

I think United will win the game, as that’s what we do these days but with the recent international break and 4 games in 10 days, it won’t be as straight forward as the last three league wins.

Prediction 1 – 0 United.

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