Newport County

Rodney Parade

The Delboy Cup, 4th Round

Wednesday 30th September ‘20

Live on SKY Sports


Following Sunday’s VAR-cical Variety show, it’s once more a Carabao Cup week for the Mags. This time another visit to a lesser light is on the cards, as spawny Steve takes his squad on a schlep into the proper unknown. Newport County stand between us and the somewhat rarified atmosphere of Round 5.


I’m gonna level with you. I know that Newport is in South Wales. I recall that they once had a manager called Len Ashurst, who played most of his career at Joker Park; also returning for a Milk Cup bashing as manager in ‘84/‘85. As well as these gems of knowledge, I had a vague memory of them playing in yellow, but beyond that; I’m struggling. So, Wikipedia, etc basically wrote the next paragraph for me.

The Exiles* have made a decent start to their League Two campaign. Thus far, they’ve beaten both Bolton, Barrow and shared the points with Scunthorpe. To reach this stage of the League Cup, they’ve despatched Watford and Cambridge United. Their main man appears to be London born striker, Tristan Abrahams. He’s notched four times already this season. So, basically they’re on a bit of a roll and will no doubt be well up for Wednesday evening’s tête-à-tête.


Following that foolproof and in depth examination of our hosts, let’s move swiftly on to the safer ground of more Magpie musings. I’ll admit to being in a proper radge when I wrote the Morecambe preview. That was penned a couple of hours after we’d ‘played’ Barcelona & Hove Albion. I oddly feel a little more upbeat writing this one. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone all mental, I’m just still inwardly chuckling at the abject thievery we witnessed at the Tottenham Stadium. Jose’s twisty face, Graeme’s furrowed brow and Spit the Dog’s high pitched nasal whining made the previous 90 odd minutes of depression almost worthwhile. You’ve gotta get your kicks where you can these days, brothers & sisters.

Brucie’s love-child, Luke Edwards (NE based, cock-er-nee Agony Aunt of the Daily Telegraph & Manic Street Tweeter) has just pumped out another controversial, vino induced ejaculation on his favourite social media platform. Those of you acquainted with his hysterical, (both hilarious & barking) continued defence of our coaching supremo will be startled to read that he’s basically calling us all ‘moaners’ again. If you can’t be somewhat miffed having watched us been systematically dry humped for the last two Prem matches in a row, then when is a good time for a show of irritation? No, good people of Novocastria, by now, you should know your lot in life. Stop getting ideas above your station. Aye, fuck off, Luke.


Back to Wednesday. I think we know the drill. A few of Sunday’s heroes will figure alongside the likes of Krafth cheese, Big Longa and Geordie Gillespie. To be fair, it worked a treat last week in Lancashire, so let’s hope lightning strikes twice, eh? For some reason, I don’t think this will be quite the same ‘walk in the park’ but one would imagine we’ll have more than enough in our arsenal (grrrr) to get past this lot. You never know with the Mags, but I’m going for a two goal win, before we get drawn away to Man City (natch). Then, it’s on to the more serious nature of a dour Premiership encounter with Burnley. I can feel a bit of writer’s cramp coming on, so Castle Farm Mag will be your host for that one. Do have a read. He can be jolly funny, if a little long winded**.


‘Til the next time….


Nick Clark



*Originally nicknamed the ‘Ironsides,’ Newport changed in 1989 to the ‘Exiles’ when the local council pen pushers refused them entry into their home at Somerton Park, for not paying their rent & rates. They had to travel 80 odd miles for home games at Moreton Town in the Cotswolds. Which sounds a bit shit.

**I know. That’s somewhat, ‘pot/kettle.’