Saturday was why we do it. Why you read this. Why you go. We haven’t had many of those days this year, particularly away from home. As a club of this stature, with this support, when your fondest memories are of Brentford or Cardiff this year you know there’s something rotten at the club.
The takeover hasn’t been completed and we head into January. The next week is a very big week in the season and perhaps the modern history of Newcastle United. After Manchester City we play two relegation rivals. Defeat to either would be a huge blow. Brighton need to be beaten. The home crowd needs to see a win. That’s assuming this game is a write off.
Is it write off? Man City have won 19 of 20 Premier League games this season. The only game they drew they dominated, despite having 10 men. They look like a side that are close to rivalling their managers other great sides from the continent. Fair play to them. I’ll not go into the gross negligence of the ‘League’ and the FA by allowing a nation state to buy a football team, financially dope it to the extent that rules need to be changed/invented to stop it happening again. The reason I’ll not go into it is because there’s a fair few mags hoping the same thing happens to our own football club very soon.

So fair play Man City and Guardiola. Can they do it on a Baltic night near Fenham though? Probably. They could also get beat because that’s football. We’ve the manager to stop them. Liverpool rolled into NE1 cocks out with their ‘fab four’ and were promptly  silenced by our defensive mags. Merino and Shelvey did great in that one.
Shelvey is available again and who knows if he’ll be involved. Saivet and Diame were good against W Ham, both getting the the goals no one expected of them. Hayden and Merino you’d assume are still out. Whoever plays they’ve a massive defensive and important job to do so that probably rules Jonjo out.
A point would be great. We’ll need the goal keeper. We’ll need the bit of luck that keeps escaping us as we continue to find the post and cross bar. It’s a game to get behind the lads as we’ll not see the ball. Perez will probably come back in but then Rafa knows we can only win games by scoring so Dwight Goal could continue. The Christian Atsu that all but retired  Zabaletta would be nice. He’ll cause them problems.
Get to 20’ goalless, then half time, then 60 and see it from there. The subs will be important if we can stay in the game. As will Man City’s. The last two fixtures against this opponents have seen us demonstrably ruined by the linesman. At their place under McClaren we had a goal 4 yards onside ruled off to go 2 0 Up. Last time out Aguero was in China Town 70 yards off side for their opener in a 1 1 which we should have won.
If there are any football gods then it could be our turn to get the rub of the green against the super rich. As long as the lads make sure there are no freebies after 4 mins, no penalties given away and no ill discipline, we’ve got a chance.
Come on United. 
Prediction: A performance 
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