Animal Magic again at SJP this Sunday?

NUFC vs Leicester City FC – Premier League of Greed

Sunday 3rd September 2021 KO 2:15pm at SJP

Live high up in the Sky, otherwise radio while doing the dishes for the plebs and/or thrifty like me

Attendance: Zero fans as behind closed doors due to COVID restrictions, but did anyone else notice the lights on in more than a couple of Corporate Boxes on Wednesday night?

Facts at:  Leicester City F.C. – Wikipedia

Fun Fact: Monk-loving, tax-avoiding, government-sanctioned-monopoly-enjoying, Thai profit spending, player car buying, polo-enthusing, ‘light of progressive glory’ former Chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha liked to keep his red wine in the fridge in order to drink it chilled (and I myself also enjoy a drop of vino tinto over ice).


Match Ramblings dressed up as a preview:


In the furthest corner of the Amazon Prime Festive Jungle, the Sturdy Magpies repelled the not very convincing attacks from the stuttering Liver Birds for 90-odd minutes, even carving out a half-chance or three along the way to make black & white hearts go all a-flutter.

I thoroughly enjoyed the nils match versus the ‘Pool at our perch on the hill, as, for once, it seemed our Elephant-Headed manager had a tactic; and by that I don’t mean a small, tabletted, fresh-breath mint.


The Corbridge Clough’s (?!?) time in the SJP hotseat has seen an unprecedented run of good fortune, but has he now got wise, found a plan and are people going to start calling him the ‘Geordie Ganesh’ after this historic and well-orchestrated (cough) 0-0?  You heard it here first, and last.


Importantly, NUFC managed to keep the Sphinx Salah, the Lion’s Mane and El Denture out of our box as much as possible, so they couldn’t dangle out a scrawny leg and fall over like a drunk squirrel for the obligatory Anfield spot kick.  Once that magic 80 appeared on the clock I just could not see The Reds scoring; not so much desperate, as laboured – tired perhaps.  Or were NUFC just so resolute: Fortiter Defendit Triumphans as it says on the badge – a bit of both, as it is in life.

My fave player Schar saved the day – again, with some last ditch tackles and decent choices either side of his acrobatic goal-line clearance.  Deirdre in goal was superb, and Dubbers, despite being clearly our Number 1 Number 1 should quite rightly stay on the bench for now.


Other good news:  Shortstaff was a slight improvement on Longstaff, who has been appalling over the last few games.  If only SB could be minded to also drop the totally inept Billy-JoeLinton, who is as much use as a new-born giraffe with two broken legs, and also keep bald-eagle Shelvey off the park, then perhaps NUFC could offer more of a goal threat than the Murph’s weak punts from distance.  I hope Callum still has enough in his battery to keep going, as his next half-chance will be a goal.


This all gives us hope as the Cunning Foxes sneak into town this weekend.  I have absolutely no time for David Brent-alike, pure phoney Buck Rodgers and his shiny, fake ‘Cheshire Cat Grin’, but if NUFC can dim Jurgen the Smiler’s Scouse shining stars, surely we can limit Old Man Vardy, little Ayoze and the rest of the Blues’ chances on our goal.  Clean sheets might not be pretty outside of a Travelodge, but can be the bedrock of success?


The East Midlanders have bought well over the last few years, and have got not only a good first team, but quite some strength on the bench as well.  I do enjoy watching them play their expansive, fast-paced attacking football (the antithesis of BruceBall).  However, I think Lie-cester can be a tad lightweight at times.  They only drew at Palace after dropping Vardy & Tielemans (great player), and I don’t think BR will be so silly at SJP.  Vardy is still leopard quick and if his midfield can feed him, then there could be black & white feathers all over the pitch.

Prediction time:  I hate to say it, but lightening does not strike twice at SJP, and neither does a decent NUFC performance these days.  I fear Cabbage Heed will try and be clever and shuffle his pack, regrettably bringing back the lamentable Shelves and persevering, still, with the crap Billy-Jo.  The Foxes will have too much cunning and pace for our firm, but slow, back line.  We will miss the protection Shaft gives us after Isaac H got his fifth yellow versus the Champions.  A razor-sharp goal either side of half-time should mean it’s platitudes and a toothy grin for Buck Rodgers, and tired, cliched excuses with that annoying, ‘poor me’ Princess Di head-tilt from our Salad-Swerving Supremo.

Happy New Year to y’all – Castle Farm Grinch


Easy Foxes Hero Quiz:  Can you name all of elephant-eared, cheeky crisp-chomping, one foot tap-in, perma-tanned, preachy but in a blokey way, goal-poaching Gary Lineker’s professional clubs, in order – and for a bonus point what is his middle name?

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