On Monday we head to a ground where we haven’t won since 1994 expecting nothing moreSunderland v Newcastle United - Premier League than another pasting, the travelling fans will be more hopeful for a shot on target to cheer; a goal from this set of no hopers is too optimistic. £52 for any football match is taking the piss nevermind one with the restricted view you get at Anfield, so big thanks to the Spirit of Shankly group for voicing their disapproval of this daylight robbery committed by their own club.

In terms of starting places it’s difficult to pick any players actually worthy of a starting

place after Sunday, with half of our players on the field that day not good enough for the AdidasGifPremier League football full stop; and the other half the sort of players who decide whether they’re going to turn up when they get out of bed in the morning. Given the scandalous way in which our squad is trimmed each and every transfer window a lot of these players are in the line-up on default. Regardless of anything else this Gouffran in central midfield patter has to stop, there were many reasons for how last Sunday was a disaster but the main one in my eyes was that not one of our midfielders was able to take the ball down and begin to string a few passes together so we could grow into the game. Sammy also needs to be dropped out of sheer principle, even if there is nobody else; play a plank of wood and it can be of more use.

Liverpool themselves are cluttered with injuries and suspensions but must surely feel as 20plenty

though they’re strong enough to win this one comfortably, we miss the chance to see Gerrard make his final appearance against us which is a blessing given the way he has tortured us at times over the years. I worry about what the likes of Coutinho and Sterling are going to do to our backline, expect a sending off from one of our lads here. Daniel Sturridge will probably also be licking his lips at the chance to get back in goalscoring form here

As I’m sure you’re all aware there has been a campaign set up with considerable support to boycott the next home game against Spurs, I’ll be in Leazes Park with the rest of the disillusioned.

I can’t remember the last time I actually looked forward to a Newcastle United match and ASHLEYOUTCOMthe 90 minutes and journey home from Sunderland last week was my lowest point following the club, half of our support  were vocal in their disgust and the other half (myself included) stood absolutely shellshocked at how we were outfought and outthought. If like me you see the match as a social occasion, the only chance you get to see particular friends, and that the game itself these days inconveniences all of that, join us. If you’re repulsed by seeing a football team representing a city with some of the highest unemployment in the country with a legal loan shark emblazoned on their shirts, join us. Somewhere along the lines we lost the link between community and football club, at around about the same time as supporters we lost our collective thunder; this is the only power we have. We know that we can’t hit Ashley in his pocket, only relegation could do that. But if this is successful it will gain worldwide attention and make a mockery of the Premier League ‘brand’, which is leading us down a blind alley where English football will be cluttered full of Mike Ashley’s owning uncompetitive football clubs scraping by on the bare minimum whilst making record breaking profits from record breaking TV deals. Nobody is seriously suggesting that this will run Mike Ashley out of our city, and I understand that not every supporter has an activist streak; but this represents a great opportunity to regain some pride in ourselves as supporters. Let’s not let it slip.


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