United take on Leicester City just 48 hours after each team gained a point in their NigelPerasonrespective Premier League fixtures.  Whatever the benefits of playing all these games in such a short space of time (and I think it’s mint btw), it is definitely not conducive to producing high quality football.  The players and coaching staff will most likely be knackered and that could have a severe effect on the inevitably drawn game we face in Leicester on Saturday.

What’s going on at Leicester City? 

Well they’re currently bottom of the Premier League having collected 14 points from their 20 games. Grim.

They’re credited with not actually being THAT bad and are deemed by many to be unlucky to be where they are considering most games they miss chances for fun and enjoy a lion’s share of the play.  I think that’s a bit misleading as on the same level two of their three wins this season have come at Stoke and Hull when Leicester had one attempt on target in each game and got battered – with the goalpost being their best player on each occasion.  So it could be a lot worse.

If they’re to stay in the league they’ll have to become only the third team in Premier League history to have been bottom on December the 25th and survive.

Earlier this season they lost their only cup game in the League Cup game at home to League 2 Shrewsbury Town.  A result that did not go down well with their fan base, who have remained patient and loyal to Pearson as the season has gone on.  The most controversial moment came when their manager called told one fan to ‘Fuck off and die’ when the fan called him a twat.  Very little was made of the incident.  You have to think if the same occurred with our previous manager Neil Ashton, Robbie Savage and pals would have set up a Just Giving page to have Pardew forcibly removed from his contract and sent to North Korea.

Leicester have won once at home which was the mental 5 3 victory over Manchester United.  That was in early September.  They should be buoyed by coming back from 2 0 down at Anfield this week – but the league is their priority.  Last thing they want is a replay.

What’s going on at Newcastle United?

The Burnley game was shite.  John Carver needs moved on if that’s how he plans to set up (or coach a team).  Sissoko played Left Wing, Centre mid, right wing, behind the striker and up front.  Ayoze Perez played everywhere but up front, including on both wings.  Carver clearly has as much respect for partnerships across the pitch as the man that brought him back to the club – nill.  Being a full back at United is shit as you’ll have 6 different players to work with in front of you during the game.

Burnley played a really, really high line when they relaised Perez was playing out wide and Carver failed to react.  Maybe that was why he brought on a sixth former when Rivierre was playing well.  The bloke doesn’t have a clue.  He was getting praise after the game off mags for ‘being honest’ and saying were garbage.  Christ.

I’m delighted Pardew has left but if the choice was Pardew or Carver – I’d plump for the football manager.  Carver’s appointment to manager would be a disaster.  I’m sure he’s a nice bloke and he cares, but he clearly comes from the Alan Pardew school of football management.  He clearly thinks that Williamson and Goufrann are anything other than huge hindrances on the side.

It would be really canny if we could get on a cup run.  The LC ‘run’ was enjoyable while it lasted and it helped the overall confidence of the side as it gave us a chance to actually win some games.

John Carver said he wouldn’t have a go at Paul Dummet so we can expect more comedy gold from the league’s worst left back (even though he’s a promising CB).

When Mike Williamson plays for United we tend to get beat but no one at the club seems to be aware of this.

No one can be arsed with a replay, John.

Likely teams 

Leicester City:  Already playing without their first choice keeper, I’d expect them to make at least 7 changes, if not more, with 3 of their next 4 games at home against direct relegation rivals.

United: With Chelsea away next I see no excuses for not putting out a full strength side.  Expect Cabella, Haidara, Williamson and Armstrong all to start.

Prediction: I think we’ll win and after Chelsea/City away in the 4th round – the local press to use this 4 – 1 win as evidence their big pal John Carver be given the job.

That or a replay.

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