Newcastle United. The only club in the world that could achieve promotion and have raids and arrests for tax fraud in the same week. At the time of writing there is still very little information to go on so I wont dwell on it, but come on man! Why now?!

Thankfully we have a manager who has dealt with politics and corruption in football at the highest leve. Even this latest farce is probably small fry when compared to the world of Real Madrid under Florentino Perez. Rafa all about working with an owner who will literally throw anybody under the bus to save his own skin.

All we can do is turn our attention back to football, because after all we have 2 games and a title to win! Rafa will have done the same this week as as far as he is concerned, the winner of this league has not been decided. Friday night gives us a chance to be within 1 point of Brighton, and just maybe add a little pressure to their Saturday evening game with Bristol City. A Bristol City side that have won 3 drawn 1 in their last 4 games. Just saying.

Plenty could happen yet and whether or not winning the league comes off these last 2 fixtures still have value. Like Spurs last year, we could see some incredible performances from a side under no pressure. More importantly, its the last chance for those ‘maybe’ players to stake their claim to be considered part of the PL squad next season. I’m talking about Jack Colback, Mitro, perhaps Anita (though his contract is done), Atsu. Players that haven’t really done enough this season but may yet have it in them to convince us that they can be part of a successful Premier League United.

Cardiff at home was one of our most textbook performances earlier in the season. Scored early and as a result never really had to get out of second gear. We met them when they were near the bottom of the table though and they have been steadied by the Championship’s Tony Pulis. Cardiff now sit in the middle of nowhere (13th). In that sense, Warnock’s side really should provide no threat to us ending the season winning games (which can be huge going into the next one).

It’s hard to get too excited about another utterly “Championship” game of football but now that we are promoted it can be put in perspective. We have the best manager in the world. We have been pushed right to the end in the most competitive season this league has ever had and we’ve scored more than 80 goals. We should enjoy these last few games because whilst most of them wont live long in the memory it would be unfair to say anything other than it’s been a good old season. That said, we never want to be here again – I don’t think I could do another 46 of these games!


3-0 Newcastle – Mitro (somehow) grabs a brace and we all start to wonder if we will have to be prepared to watch him and Perez for a third season!

Simon Campbell – Follow Simon on @simoncampbell11 
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