We want to say a quick thank you to all players who turned out to play the first ever ‘Magstermind’.

To have so many players (at canny short notice) who were able to compete and help us raise money for the NHS Newcastle Hospital Charities was tremendous and thanks to an additional £50 donated by the winner, Chris Billany, we sent the charity £750 from True Faith today.

tf donate £750 to the NHSThe tournament was great fun, we didn’t expect so many mags to get involved and the standard of knowledge on display was phenomenal.  Things didn’t always run on time or to plan due to the sheer volume of players, but when the time comes to look for the next ‘Magstermind’ we’ll be better prepared and it will hopefully attract more players than ever.

Keep an eye out for audio and video highlights coming soon…..and thank you to everyone who took part, helped spread the word and have made donations themselves separately.

If you want to send a few quid as a charity donation to the NHS Newcastle Charities  – please do so here


Alex & Charlotte