Note from People’s Assembly North East: This is not a directly political/People’s Assembly posting, but we have been approached by a very well known film-maker who will be shooting a new film in Newcastle in October/November.
The film has austerity in the plot & the director is looking to cast people with an awareness of the issues, and so came to us. No acting/film experience is necessary, but if you are interested and fit the casting descriptions below, please contact me by reply email ASAP, or contact the production company ‘Sixteen’ by email at:
You will need to be available to meet the producers in Newcastle this coming Wednesday 19th August

18-14 Smart, sparky lads. The kind of boys who can’t help but make you smile. They are not strangers to the wrong side of the law, they are good natured, Del Boy / chancers. 
25-60s – Male / Female, we are looking for people from all walks of life. People who have a bit of chaFilmingt to them. We are looking for people who have maybe had to work hard to stay afloat withing the system or been affected by austerity in their life. 
In particular  anyone who has involvements in Construction, Government workers, been / currently unemployed, are volunteers or single parents)  
50s -60s
He is a joiner by trade and has worked for building companies and on sites. He is popular with workmates, thoughtful and loyal, with a lively sense of humour. He will make you smile, be a reliable friend and his modesty hides a quiet strength and a sense of what’s right or wrong. GENUINE NEWCASTLE ACCENT
Tony Dowling
Chair, North East People’s Assembly