Just before the game at home to Brighton, Leazes Flags will unveil the new KING KEV jumbo flag which has been bought and paid for by Newcastle United supporters. The flag has been developed as tribute to one of, if not the greatest living servant of Newcastle United FC.

Following the establishment of Gallowgate Flags and now Wor Flags, a small group of volunteers at the Leazes End are committed to recreating the spectacle at the north end of St James’ Park. This is a fantastic development and onethat should be encouraged. Indeed when Gallowgate Flags was established, one of its goals was to spread flag culture amongst supporters and encourage fans to develop their own flags for display across St James’ Park as well as following United away.

In many ways, Leazes Flags is a product of the success of Gallowgate/Wor Flags.

In order to do more, Leazes Flags needs more volunteers. Having people in the stands helping with the displays is critical to the success of the flag displays and every praise should be given to our fellow-Mags who give up their time to make this happen.

If you are in the Leazes End and want to help the lads and lasses recreate the displays we’ve seen in The Gallowgate, then please drop Leazesflags1892@gmail.com with your details and I’m sure you’ll be made more than welcome.