Bloody hell, I’ve just realised that as Man City travel to Wembley for the League Cup Final v. Liverpool, its an amazing 40 years since Newcastle United made its one and only appearance in the final of that competition. The Micky Mouse Cup as it was described by Mags who had seen United win the FA Cup three times in the 1950s and the Fairs Cup a few years earlier in 1969.

I remember going with old man on a bus arranged from his work. Its a mystery how he got the tickets but I still recall the tab-smoke, the crates of beer, the singing, swearing and the camaraderie as our bus made its way down the A1 to a city my Dad loathed.

I remember very little of the game itself and probably saw hardly any of it. I do remember our fans though and the volume

Manchester City's winning goalscorer Dennis Tueart, wearing a Newcastle United shirt, celebrates victory in the changing rooms after the match

of the support from start to finish with Gordon Lee’s Black & White Army shaking the old stadium to its foundations. As Man City went to collect the cup, the only chant that could be heard on TV was “UNITED, UNITED” (none of this new fangled Toon nonsense inserted which makes us look like ‘kin Leeds).

Naturally, of course we lost. Man City’s winning goal scored by Dennis Tueart, a son of the city (Walker born and bred) who had previously won an FAC winners medal in 1973 as a Sunderland player. How Newcastle United a thing is that? 

An image of Tueart’s winning goal is featured on art-work outside of The Etihad. The League Cup was a big deal.

Anyway, for those of you who can be arsed, why not share your memories of the ’76 League Cup Final in the comments boxes below. If any of you can confirm my dodgy memory of United’s skins having a massive pagga with Chelsea’s in Trafalgar Square I’d be most grateful.

That is all.

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