Since joining Newcastle United in 2019 for a club record transfer of £40million, its safe to say Joelinton hasn’t hit the dizzying heights of what was expected of him for that price tag. So far the young Brazilian has only managed to find the back of the net 6 times in 75 appearances for the Magpies. This has caused frustration from the geordie faithful as they don’t believe that he is cut out for the team so far is his two seasons with the club.

I believe that this is somewhat unfair. Whilst it is frustrating that he doesn’t find the net as often as the fans would like, you can’t say that the lad doesn’t give his all when he wears the shirt. After all, he didn’t give himself the massive price tag. His height and strength proves to be a nuisance for the opposition when he has the ball and his hold up play is brilliant.

He isn’t afraid to get back and help out defensively too. The only thing the lad struggles with is taking the chances to stick the ball in the net.

This could be a few things such as issues with his confidence or just trying to hard, neither of which are really his fault. He has the weight of 52,000 Geordies on his shoulders which for anyone can’t be easy.

What is another contributing factor to his lack of success so far is that he has be played out of position.

In recent games he has been much more comfortable when played as a wide left instead of a central attacker. Players such as Tino Asprilla show that you can be a Newcastle United hero without hitting the net regularly as he only managed 9 league goals in 48 games.

Many fans think that he has had enough time to prove himself in the team and he is stopping the likes of Elliot Anderson get game time. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. The manager and coaches obviously see something in the lad to keep him in the match day setup.

They do see him day in day out after all. Don’t get me wrong, I think Elliot Anderson should be in the first team/on the bench as he is a strong, tough Geordie who knows what it means to wear the shirt but I would have him in the same match day squad as big Joelinton.

My opinion in all this? If he keeps up his hard work and dedication then the goals will come. He is still a young lad and experience will help him grow as a player.

The players think a lot of Joelinton and have always supported him through his time at the club. He is a confidence player, when the fans are on his back he struggles.

In his recent performances he has played very well and the fans seem to have acknowledged that by applauding his efforts when he has been substituted. If he keeps his head down then there is no reason why fans won’t warm to him like they done with Tino.

JACK SUTTON – @jsnufctruefaith