Newcastle United Director of Football, Joe Kinnear explains  it’s really hard to sign players Kinnear5as other clubs want them as well. Who would have thought that eh? I suppose other clubs that have signed players have access to some magic spells that we don’t.


Plus he doesn’t have that much money is the message I’m reading between the lines.


This won’t do much for your blood pressure.


The link is here


Here is the patter though. Given Kinnear’s previous flights of fancy and relationship to the truth, we’ll leave it to you to decide how much salt to sprinkle over this:

 On transfers generally:

“I’m being sensible about the budget I’ve got and I’m going to spend it as wisely as I can while keeping Alan well informed”.


“I have regular meetings with Alan and we sit down to talk about the best type of players for Newcastle and the fans. At the moment I’m waiting for the nod – but the goalposts have moved on numerous occasions – to bring in a couple of strikers”.

 On Gomis:

“The Gomis deal was agreed on numerous occasions but it’s a very difficult situation because there’s always extra add-ons, extra things, another problem. Then there’s always the problem of competition from the other teams. Whatever I offer more or less goes public which alerts others that are interested who of course add more. It comes back to me and so on”.


“We’re fighting hard. There’s two or three of us who all seem to be wrapped around the same players and as I said to Mike this is a serious battle that we need to win. We’re very close to achieving that.”


On the chances of Remy moving to United:


“Yeah I think very much, so I would like to think we are very, very close to agreeing that.


“I would think maybe Monday or Tuesday we will be a position to say yea or nay, but I am very happy about how that deal is going at the moment.”


On the chances of Bent moving to United:


“We were with Darren’s agent for two or three hours, we thrashed out a deal. We are still in negotiations with Aston Villa so there is a really strong possibility there. Again I hear the latest is that somebody else has all of a sudden shown interest in the player so we have competition from various clubs around the country, but I am not letting go”.


“These are players that me and Alan [Pardew] have spoken about. These are players that we’ve all agreed at the club are the type of player we want to bring to Newcastle.”




That is All.