As part of the support we are trying to give to the Fairs Club currently raising money to pay for a permanent plaque in tribute to our ex-captain and manager, Joe Harvey, we’ve been in touch with our pals at CULTZEROES who have kindly agreed to do a copy of the intended plaque on a t-shirt as a  fund-raiser!

£5 from every shirt sold will go to the fund to raise the money for the plaque and the price of £13.99 covers all materials, overheads and postage. They are doing us a favour!

You can get any size of t-shirt so there’s no excuse for short-arses and bloaters.

The t-shirt features the exact image of the plaque money is being raised for and has been approved by the Fairs Club.

Support the plaque for Joe by buying one of these fellas as soon as you can:

http://www.cultzeros.co.uk/ product/19998/joe-harvey- tribute-tee-newcastle-united/

That Is All.