Since Newcastle United finally received their much needed takeover, it’s been clear there’s been an agenda against the club, not just the owners.

Many of the journalists reporting on human rights hadn’t given it a second thought before October 2021. Not when PSG or Manchester City was taken over, nor when Saudi money became involved in Manchester United in the form of a sponsorship deal. What’s even more evident is when Newcastle’s owners had a look at Manchester United there was no outcry… No calls for blocking a proposed takeover, no government involvement, nothing.

So what really is the issue here? We’re all aware of the human rights issues in Saudi Arabia, Newcastle supporters don’t shy away from that either. What leaves a bad taste in the mouth is the sheer inconsistency of reporting. It’s almost sick really, some journalists using human rights issues as a way to beat Newcastle supporters down. It would be different if these journalists had called for change when the very same owners wanted to be involved in one of the so-called “big six.”

This kind of behaviour doesn’t wash with Newcastle supporters. Unfortunately, some journalists are relentless… Even while watching a Champions League Semi-Final, they’ll find the time to throw a tweet about Newcastle United, hello Tariq Panja. Cost of living crisis? I’m sure we can link it to Newcastle United!”

There appears to be an agenda against the club and supporters, everything is related back to Newcastle United no matter how tenuous it might be. When a journalist is called out on this they don’t respond because they know what they’ve written is absolute tosh.

There are others who are all too happy to watch the boxing in Saudi Arabia, and in the same breath criticize the Saudi owners of Newcastle United *Cough, cough* Ollie Holt.

Maybe it’s time for those who criticise to admit it’s coming from a place of fear or a bitterness of just how far Newcastle United can go under this regime. Very few gave a monkey’s when the club suffered 14 years of mismanagement, why? Because the club wasn’t a threat to those clubs at the top of the league. Now, with the backing the club have received people realise Newcastle are about to be a threat to the big six.

Perhaps in time the agenda against the club in the media will subside, for now though, the bitterness will continue.

Graeme Bell