Thought I would drop in and say hello and let you know what I’ve been listening to over the last few weeks/months old
and new just before I head off to sunny Spain for my jollies.


Treetop Flyers are a folk rock band based in London. They won the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition Girl22011 and released their debut album ‘The Mountain Moves’ on Loose in April 2013. They have just announced some tour dates in the UK but unfortunately as yet Newcastle isn’t included.

I discovered this album by sheer accident, while looking for something on YouTube. I was attracted by the album cover, I know it’s a girl thing. Anyway I love it, easy, laid back listening. This particular track reminded me of Simon & Garfunkel, who I love. Beautiful, melodic harmonies and billowing acoustics and poignant direct lyrics. It had me hooked straight away.  As this track goes ‘Is it all Worth It In The End My Friend’? Of course it is………………enjoy.

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I’m a regular listener to a DJ  Barnsley Sime @ barnsleysime   I’ve followed him for a long time on Twitter, knows his stuff,Girl4jpg similar taste and a good round nice bloke. He was a DJ at an event  The Hurriers were playing at. I checked them out after his raving comments and immediately sent for their debut album.

Barnsley band, The Hurriers have blazed a trail across the UK’s festivals and fundraisers. Fast gaining a reputation as the ‘go-to’ political band of the moment and proud campaigners for the Orgreave truth and Justice Campaign. The band called themselves “A Proper Socialist Punk Band” and since their formation in 2013 they’ve made a pretty deep impact. Billy Bragg invited them to play at Glastonbury. It seems appropriate that a band steeped in the long history of working class struggle should also be a band that crosses generational lines (singer Tony and drummer Zak are father and son). Having some younger blood in the band seems to ignite The Hurriers and infuse them with an energy and pace.  SKA rhythms, harmonies and singalongs.  Remind me of the politically charged songs of the Thatcher years The Specials, The Jam to name but a few. It’s a shame there weren’t more bands and artists with as much fire in their bellies as The Hurriers.

This particular track ‘Faith To Fight’, sends a message about the privatisation of the NHS, something I feel very strongly about.  The Hurriers manifesto states, “Contributing to the overthrow of the corrupt capitalist system through the power of song”. And what songs they are! Vive La Revolution! No Pasaran!


Tess Parks the Tornoto born singer and Anton Newcombe front man of ‘The Brian Johnston Massacre’ started swapping Girl5ideas for a collaborative album last year. Recorded in Berlin during a hot summertime, ‘I Declare Nothing’ was born. With so many layers, you could all too effortlessly get lost in the world the duo have constructed for themselves. Deliciously dreamy, Tess Parks’ smoulderingly haunting voice and Antons’ psychedelic sound takes you on a dreamy hypnotic journey. The title might be ‘Declaring Nothing’, but this album will leave a long lasting impression.

I loved the opening track on this album. Moody, great acoustic guitar. Some have said that Tess’ voice is Marmitey ‘Love it or Hate it’! Well I love it, it isn’t often I fall in love with a female singing voice.  Love this track, downloaded for my hols this album and will be well played.


Known as “Van the Man” to his fans, Morrison started his professional career when, as a teenager in the late 1950’s, he Girl6played a variety of instruments including guitar, harmonica, keyboards and saxophone for various Irish showbands covering the popular hits of the day. He rose to prominence in the mid-1960’s as the lead singer of the Northern Irish R&B band Them. His solo career began under the pop-hit oriented guidance of Bert Berns with the release of the hit single “Brown Eyed Girl” in 1967. After Berns’ death, Warner Bros. Records bought out his contract and allowed him three sessions to record Astral Weeks in 1968. Much of Morrison’s music is structured around the conventions of soul music and R&B, although an equal part of his catalogue consists of spiritually inspired musical journeys. The two strains together are sometimes referred to as “Celtic Soul”. It received critical acclaim immediately upon its first release and has subsequently been placed on numerous widely circulated lists of best albums of all time. In 1987, as part of their 20th anniversary, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it number seven on “The 100 Best Albums of the Last Twenty Years”. Astral Weeks became and remains a cult favourite, despite the fact that it failed to achieve significant mainstream sales success for decades; after 33 years, it finally achieved gold in 2001 Forty years after the release, Morrison performed the songs on the album live during two concerts at the Hollywood Bowl in November 2008.

A good friend introduced me to this album although I was already a big fan of Van the Man’s solo work and Them. I have fallen in love with this album, totally. Van has a great voice, distinctive and he sings his story with so much soul. Astral Weeks is a beautiful song and my favourite on the album. ‘In Another World, In Another Time’ great lyrics


Leon’s style of singing and his voice have been compared to Sam Cooke and labelled as ‘Retro Soul’.  I personally agree Girl7with this, he has a proper old school sound to his voice and songs. However although I love his singing I think he has a long away to go before he has’ Sam Cooke’ type status.

Leon’s story sounds like a typical soul singer’s story, born Todd Bridges in 1989, Fort Worth, Texas. He began his musical career by writing songs and learned guitar in order to play simple chords to accompany his lyrics.  He played at open-mic nights around Fort Worth while working as a dishwasher until he was signed by Columbia Records in 2014. His first official single, “Coming Home” was released on Columbia Records in February 2015. The song continued the success of the demo version and became a Top 10 Most Viral Track on Spotify the same month as its release.

Following his set at Glastonbury, which was great I thought, he has started his UK tour unfortunately missing our Newcastle. I’m sure we will be seeing and hearing a lot from Leon. I hope that he continues this amazing music he’s making and that his record company don’t over commercialise him.

So that’s me off then, I look forward to watching NUFC’s first match in my local Spanish pub it has 6 screens, each one showing a different match. The barman’s a mackem, but I over look that because his gin measures are enormous and he gets plenty of stick on match days, poor buggar. So adios amigos and HOWAY THE LADS

Keep On, Keepin’ On …