A little bit of a random away day for me, a family trip was the only way to get a pass oot for this one so on the 9am rattler I went with the Mrs and kids. A quick trip to eureka national children’s museum when we got there, then the real day started for me as I left the family in the hotel and hit the Bradford pub scene on my tod!

After a few in the city centre, I’d heard the Bradford arms was normally the away fans pub and close to valley parade so I ventured that way. It didn’t disappoint, a load of fellow Geordies were in good spirits. I am one to sing any songs as long as there is noise so I joined in most. However, It did feel like a youngsters day out with no direction on songs from the elder boys (myself included).

In the first half 4231 formation Yedlin seemed to have license to run forward at will, especially in first 20 mins, when we lost possession I was surprised to see even Shelvey having the positional sense and discipline to cover him!

Lejuene looked comfortable and “shelveyesque” in the way he pinged balls from the back four. This included a brilliant cross field ball to Gayle which our number 9 controlled and shot just wide.

My view was then interrupted by stewards kicking off telling people to get back to their seats even though seating was unreserved. Photo attached. Ridiculous!

Just after a tribute to the late Bradley lowery (one Bradley lowery) we took a lead after Shelvey looked to play walking football past two Bradford players and smash the ball in the net. The outside of his foot put the ball in the net but it was chalked off for……fuck knas. Valley parade has no live replays. After the songs
Of “my garden shed” I retreated to the bar to watch remaining 5mins myself and nothing of note happened.

To be perfectly honest my second half report was meant to be uber serious then I remembered I can’t do that (partially, or, a lot booze related) so apologies for the lack of in depth info.

First moment in second half to note is that a ball smashed upwards by Bradford was caressed from the sky by wor florian and sat at his feet like a dog when told to sit!

4 mins after florian did that Astu then creates a chance for Dwight Gayle and as we know he always scores goals. Atsu from my eyes hadn’t done a lot prior.

Within a minute or two Murphys movement means another goal. 2-0 nufc. Hayden read a tackle well and Gayle fed
A little ball to Murphy and songs of “follow you until you love me, jacob, Jacob Murphy” rang out.

Aarons looked strong and fast and made the third goal because of it. He looks determined and already has a song. Keep these performances going Rolando! Aarons sprinted past a Bradford player and left a tap in for Mitro. 3-0 nufc

Siem de-Jong did well and looked a class act however some of the United support thought a positive chant would be “You’re not as shit as your brother”.

Murphy scored uniteds fourth after good work down the left by Aarons again.

All in all brilliant result on the pitch for pre-season.

Anth Pampers.

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