Through some fluke, true faith has managed to get itself onto a short-list of six for the FSFAwardsFootball Supporters Federation’s Fanzine of the Year with some excellent other titles that we are honoured to be listed alongside. The competition is really fierce and we are knocked out to have made it to the last half dozen short-list for the last three sets of awards.

There is a big, massive posh doo at The Emirates Stadium (home of the Arsenal) coming up when the winners will be notified. Obviously, looking at the clip of some of the tf writing circle, we might struggle to walk in a straight line down the red carpet and get sent round to empty the bins.

It will enormously help our cause if you took a minute or so to vote for us and the other categories to be honest.

We understand the winners will be selected in accordance with the numbers of people who have voted for them as well as by a panel.

Please see the link – FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS AWARDS and do the honours (pun intended).


Thank you very much.



For further details regarding the work of the Football Supporters Federation, please go to FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS FEDERATION. TF_INITIALS_LOGO