Full name: Scott Robson. No middle name. My mam and Dad couldn’t be bothered with all that lark.

Where do you live?

I live in Ashington, Northumberland. I wont put the address down as i cant be doing with the groupies. I live with my wife to be Emily and my son Louis who is 16. Our Dog Fudge would deal with the groupies if I did give the address out. I live in a fantastic Town which is a combination of  Queens New York, downtown Sao Paulo and 1968 Paris (With a Jackie Milburn statue, though its mysteriously gone missing).

Where did you grow up?

I grew up very happily in the Hirst area of Ashington. The east end which is the best end, though I now live the other side.

I moved to Heaton and the lure of Chillingham Road for a bit in my early twenties and also lived in Shiremoor North Tyneside for around 6 years before I moved back to Ashington in 2014 because quite simply I didn’t get use to the language changes.

How did you become a Mag?

Like many like-minded Newcastle fans throughout the generations, I have my Dad to thank for the years of utter and complete insanity that comes from our football club.

My beloved Grandad on my Mams side was a Sunderland supporter so it could have went another way, but my Dad wasn’t having any of that and it was always going to go the way it really should.

First game .

The first game I attended was Newcastle 2, Liverpool 2 on the 4th February 1989.

I was in the East stand but the last row so all you could see was the swaying masses of the Gallowgate. I watched that more than the game which is a shame as we played well in a season which we were dire and relegated. Frank Pingel got his moment of fame in a howling wind and torrential rain.

I can remember my dad saying “watch closely , mind you don’t get action replays here!” I still cant see the scoreboard from where I sit so he’s still right.

 Where is your spot at St James?

I sit in the “corner” level to the corner flag. I  love where I sit. It’s the best part of the ground in my biased opinion. In my pre season ticket days I sat everywhere . Like a St James littlest Hobo.

Best X1

It’s so hard to judge this one but here goes.  Shay Given, Steve Watson, Olivier Bernard, Philippe Albert, Brian Kilcline, David Batty, Robert Lee, Nobby Solano, Faustino Asprilla, Les Ferdinand , Peter Beardsley.

Subs Shearer, Bellamy, Tiote, Ba, Ginola, Beresford, Robert both O’Brien’s ….actually just stop there we could be here all night.

How did you feel about the Takeover ?

The takeover was so emotional. Having fought to get rid of Ashley for a huge chunk of my Newcastle life, when he sold up it was a huge rush of emotion, vindication and like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Melodramatic? Well I’d argue I underplayed it there.

I haven’t fully took in our new incumbents yet. I’m still in the frame of mind who has went rather than coming in.

I know it’s not perfect, I don’t tolerate human rights issues anywhere else in the world so I’m not going to conveniently blank the unbelievably bad stuff that goes on in Saudi Arabia just because they own Newcastle,

But you cant feel anything else but excitement at people coming into the area and regenerating club and City. I don’t trust anyone with wads of cash so I will keeping an eye on them mind.

How do you feel about Eddie Howe?

Initially I’m not going to lie, I was hugely underwhelmed and said as much. HOWEVER, he’s our manager and I fully support him.  Since he’s took over he has said exactly the right things in my mind and I thoroughly enjoyed underachieving players squirming in training. 5 days a week? That won’t catch on.

He is  time served with  the paupers  so he deserves his chance at a club like ours and i firmly believe it’s us who deserve the best rather than the other way round.

How do you think we should go about transfers in January?

I will make a disclosure here, I think this team is terrible and don’t believe that we are massively underachieving. To many desperate performances for that to stick. So going on that I could transfer everyone except Wilson and Dubravka and not shed any tears whatsoever.

We need two organised , strong centre halves and two midfielders (one creative, one as hard as nails) Go over priced loan signings along side a few savvy 10m plus signings that could play a part next season.

We are not a stepping stone or retirement home anymore.

How do you feel about the mainstream media.

I’m not on social media so all I get is the mainstream media and I’m like every other NUFC fan as in I think the reporting of Newcastle is tired, lazy and sometimes fictional by some outlets.

The local papers are on such a downward spiral its hard for them, but I buy the Chronicle and the ‘I’ for work bait times (if the boss is reading, I never finish either) and they do me, but the chronicle is a pale shadow of its former self.

What I have seen of the Athletic looks very good but I’m a tight arse so wont subscribe.

True Faith?

If I can do this anyone can, get in touch and have your say. I feel pride that my musings are put up and its given me a real personal boost. Go on have a shot.