NUFCSupportersHandbookIt’s only a few days before the lads cross the white line at The Etihad to face mighty Manchester City, their new manager and God knows how much they have invested in new playing talent over the summer (UEFA Financial Fair Play rules anyone?).

Now we want to know what you are thinking about going into the new season.

What kind of season do you think we’ll have?

Where do you think we’ll finish?

How will we do in the Cup competitions?

Will Pardew have learnt the lessons of last season?

What impact will Kinnear have had?

How has Ashley made resources available to prepare us for the new season?

What is your mood and that of your Mag compadres going into the new season?

Excited? Depressed?

You can share your opinions by simply typing them into the comments box below and submitting them to us and we’ll publish all we can as we head into Monday night’s game.

Think about using your real name to accompany your opinions as this isn’t a message-board where anonymous knob-heads post all kind of crap.

All the best.

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