Everyone at TRUE FAITH is really pleased to welcome Eddie Howe to Newcastle United as the club’s new manager. We wish him every success and a big Geordie welcome will greet him. That will have to wait until  Saturday 20/Nov/21 when we face Brentford after the International Break.

This is a good appointment and alongside other investment in the near future for key areas of United, we think Eddie (we’re mates already) as a hard-working, modern, professional could be the man to help us reach our goals. It’s a long journey but this feels like the first step.

There are a lot of positives about Eddie Howe’s appointment – his age, desire, energy, dedication, modern outlook, knowledge of the Premier League as well as existing relationships with Graeme Jones and several first team squad members.

We are particularly pleased Eddie will be bringing his coaching team with him. That proved the sticking point of his much trailed move to Celtic so it is good that has been overcome as Eddie and his staff moves to the North East.

Obviously, Newcastle United is a different beast to Bournemouth where the interest in the club and fanaticism is on a completely different level to what he has experienced on the south coast. That’s why the Ashley-era method of limiting direct communications from the manager has to stop. Communications to the media and therefore supporters has to go through a major reboot. Eddie has to be allowed the space to focus on  his main job – winning football matches for Newcastle United.

Clearly, the club is going through a major transformation and  other major appointments at the club are needed. Following Eddie’s appointment we’d expect there will be a Director Football to come in and it is critical the partnership between Howe and the DOF is strong.

Similarly, the club looks like it could benefit from the appointment an experienced Chief Executive and other football administrators. None of them should be Lee Charnley.

We all appreciate the timing of the Takeover has made it less than ideal for the new owners and we do not under-estimate the task in hand after 14 years of Ashley neglect.

I don’t think many of us can possibly under-estimate the shell of a football club Ashley has left behind on Barrack Road. We likely do not know half of the damage Ashley has done and potentially the rotten fish he has left under the floor-boards.

There is little doubt the club will have recruitments in mind and potentially underway. We hope so anyway.

But the main priority this season is PL survival and a big summer in 2022.

We’re behind Eddie Howe and the lads in that fight.

We all hope Eddie Howe has a long and successful career at Newcastle United.