I wasn’t going to bother writing anything about Eddie Howe’s first press conference because I’m sure it will be very well covered by others on here ….. but I’m absolutely fuming so I need to rage type for a moment.

Eddie Howe came across absolutely brilliantly and I loved everything he said, but as I say, others will no doubt go into more detail about how positive it all was.

My ire lies with the media and their stupid chuffing questions. First offender was Sky Sports’ Keith Downey asking Howe if the concerns regarding Saudi human rights had come into his thinking before accepting the job. Howe answered perfectly stating that his reasons were purely football based … mad that, isn’t it? A football manager concerning himself with footballing matters.

That being said, it was pretty much inevitable that Howe was going to face a question like this given that its such a hot topic. But then up chirps Tom *mumbled name* of Sky News trying to push the topic further with his question which went a little something like this…  “You are a principled man, you were the first to take a voluntary pay cut during the pandemic so how DARE you take a job working under the Saudis, Eddie? HOW VERY DARE YOU?!?!?!”. Or something like that anyway.

Eddie bats the question away once again with his response that went something along the lines of – “Didn’t you hear what I just told your mate, Keith, you grade A whopper? I’m here to talk about football and football is all that concerns me” or words to that effect.

But oh, wor Tom wasn’t happy with that answer so fired back with “But there’s more to life than just football”, and that, my dear friends, is when the steam started to come out of my ears.

Sir Eddie of Howe could not have been more clear when he said his only concern was the football. He is, after all, a football coach hired by a football club to coach football, so why is it suddenly on him to take a stance on global politics?

When Tom went for his interview at Sky News did he ask about the ethical standing of all of Sky’s financial backers? I bet he chuffing didn’t you know.

But the thing that really wound me up the most was the phrasing of his question: “You’re a principled manager, one of the first to take a pay cut during lockdown so how can you reconcile these principles with coming to work for a Saudi backed Regime?”. You just know he wrote that question, read it back to himself, cocked his leg and ripped out a massive fart then bent over to enjoy his own aroma, just like in South Park when they all buy hybrid cars and become insufferably smug.

Anyway, Howe handled it like a champ and if he leads the team with the same poise, we’re laughing all the way to safety.