The managerial rollercoaster appears to be finally coming to an end at Newcastle United – in fact, by the time you read this Eddie Howe will probably have been confirmed. Which is nice.

After being linked with the likes of Antonio Conte, Unai Emery, Benitez, Fonseca, Jesus, Ted Lasso etc, we have finally landed on Eddie Howe and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I know that many fans are slightly disappointed, seeing it as settling after being linked with so many top names, but the reality is, Howe is about the best appointment we could make right now.

Having a relegation on his CV with Bournemouth does not make him a bad manager. That’s one season after bringing Bournemouth from League Two to the Premier League and keeping them there for 5 seasons. That shows his true class as a gaffer.

The PIF project is in its infancy and the reality is Newcastle are currently 6 points adrift in the relegation zone, so attracting the likes of Emery or Conte was always going to be a tough ask. They are the kind of manager you get in when you’re on the cusp of greatness and need that extra push, we are a few seasons away from that yet – sorry for the reality check.

Eddie Howe worked miracles with Bournemouth with a relatively limited budget so let’s see what he can do with the kind of backing we can now give him. Hire a top Director of Football to help him out with recruitment and we could have something to be really excited about here.

Newcastle as a club are a sleeping giant and I believe that Eddie Howe fits that description too. There is potential here for Howe to surprise everyone and take Newcastle up the table and challenge for Europe and who knows, maybe even a title in a few years. If he’s given the time to do his thing, what’s to say that Howe himself won’t eventually be mentioned amongst the likes of Pep and Klopp as the greatest managers in the game? It might not happen, but we won’t know until we try. He’s only 43 so he has time on his side.

When Rafa left we would have jumped at the chance to get Howe in the dugout, so let’s get behind him now like we would have then. At the end of the day, we can all be happy with this one simple fact ….. he’s not Steve Bruce and that in itself is a great thing.