It seems a while but here we are back with a brand new, just out the wrapper, box fresh Packet of Ten for the Barrack Road Biancoineri to tap a well-shod foot along to. This time it is none other than regular writer, Mr David X Smith, the best thing out of Newburn since … (ahem). I think our young rapscallion has gone for an eclectic mix as one would expect from one with such universal taste.

Aye, anyway, eyes down for a full house, get those cans on, turn it up loud, put the cat out and enjoy …

The Doors – Break on Through (To the other side)

 Orange Juice – Rip it Up

BRMC – Salvation

Traffic – Paper Sun

Led Zeppelin – Bring it on Home

Verve – Gravity Grave (live)

LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

Joy Division – Atmosphere

Interpol  – Not Even Jail

The National – BlooddBuzz Ohio

 This was a Packet of Ten brought to you by David X Smith for true faith