Here we have another Packet of Ten brought to you by Saltwell Road crooner and MarioAnthSubbuteo cheat, Anth Keenan, one of the Corpus Christi (Bensham variety) alumni and Picador Café’s high-achievers. Anth has been spotted under dim lights affecting irritation as female Big Brother afficiandos remark upon his astonishing physical likeness to the Mario mush who was on said reality TV load of shite some years ago.

Celtic Soul Brother Anth has somehow managed to avoid putting together a pretentious Packet of Ten for you and not strayed far from his early 80s roots hanging around the Windows Central Arcade basement having pinned advertisements to the notice-board for musicians in fictional bands he’d invented with contact numbers to the Newcastle General’s STD ward. Anth still hankers for a walk-on part in Mark E Smith’s army of collaborators in The Fall. Let him have a go on the fucking Triangle you miserable Manc twat, man!

Nowadays, Anth has seemingly eschewed the lemon Harrington jackets of his er, late-youth, preferring the slow moving grace of the Beatnik gone-bad / Sicilian Man of Honour look which is all the rage in Low Fell’s jazz clubs.

Anth, usually so reserved with an economy of words to those of us who know and love the big knacka managed to stir his arse to put this together for you following a period of recuperation as he contemplated the terrifying prospect of putting a day’s work in, indeed gainful employment presenting a severe inconvenience to one of AMK’s artistic sensibilities.

Did I say I was going to Johnny Marr? Aye, are you getting the tickets or will there be some kind of Keenan-performance?


Pyjamarama – Roxy Music  

It’s Better To Have & Don’t Need Than Need & Don’t Have – Don Covay  

 No Love Lost – Joy Division 

 Sweet Thing/Candidate – David Bowie 

 Stagger Lee – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

 If You’re Thinking Of Me – Dodgy     

 I Can’t Get Next To You – Al Green

 Love Me Forever – Carlton & The Shoes

The World Is A Ghetto – War 

 Better Use Your Head – Little Anthony & The Imperials