In this age when everyone wants today’s news yesterday and we are all experts on players from other countries and cultures I thought I would just ask for a bit of a perspective in the transfer window.

Firstly it has just officially opened and secondly United’s financial year ends at the end of June so there was no chance in my view of us signing players before then. I appreciate the manager wanted some signings in before pre-season started but the market has been frankly ridiculous and waiting for it to settle down is a prudent approach.

In this era of sports agent’s at every end of the deal it takes a lot longer and more negotiating is required to make deals happened. Now that one or two deals are starting to go through there will be a domino effect as club’s move on from targets to further down their lists and will play their hand stronger to get deals done.

NUFC are no different to other club’s in that respect and although we may have missed out on one or two targets with Carr now gone (Gerrin!) and Rafa in charge of this fully now we will get the business done that we need to do.

There are still 2 month’s left until the transfer window closes and whilst I am not advocating waiting till the last few days to get our business done there is still plenty of time to do what we need to.

Some of our fan base have been getting overly concerned about the perceived lack of business but a couple of things to bear in mind on this. Firstly our season finished beginning of May and we will have the longest summer ever in terms of gap between the seasons. The other factor is lack of a major summer tournament to take our minds off what is going on at our club.

So overall Keep Calm and Carry On! In Rafa we Trust!

CRAIG THOMSON – Follow Craig on: @BooBoy_1