Expected nothing, got nothing. Players in wrong positions wearing wrong shirt numbers “managed” by the wrong man. Bruce’s luck has ran out and the board (cough) must act now before it’s too late. Maybe it is already? But they won’t until we’re cut adrift, apparently.

The actual game? Pffffftttt. Same old. If that’s “entertaining” then I’m watching the wrong sport.

Just go Steve. Do yourself a favour. It’s not working. Never has.

Marc Corby 

Not really much to say about that. Mediocre team beaten by poor team. 2 very similar goal where they could seemingly drive a bus through the middle of our team.

We got a goal, yes, but once again totally devoid of any attacking plan.

I’ve had enough of players flouncing around  believing their own hype. If you’re that good, get out there, perform and help us win games.

To Bruce, maybe a striker might be an option for more than ten minutes. You know, those players who put the ball in the net to win games.

This has all the makings of a very painful ending. #BruceOut

Steve Wallwork 

As expected the team performed in a fashion that only a team that is organised by a lazy charlatan millionaire could organise itself.

I counted five differently formations used in the game and there were probably more. There was a point that javier manquillo was in the box waiting for a cross from our centre forward, Allan Saint Maximin.

There’s no plan. There’s no hope. Wolves were abject and were scorned by their own support all game.

There was no open revolt against our manager. Apathy has won. That’ll do nicely for Steve and his bosses

Alex Hurst 

Utter biffing shite that. Shitty proper.

Norman Riley 

Another terrible performance from Steve Bruce’s Newcastle United. Tonight marks the saddest I’ve felt in a really long time about NUFC. I can, like Steve Bruce, often see positives – or at least retain some optimism.

Today I cannot. Sitting in the away end I felt like that was totally the same for many others. It’s the first away crowd I’ve been in that didn’t seem to have one song sung in unison. How often does that happen?

We have the best supporters in the world, and Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce are pummeling the spirit out of them. Something has got to change. Where do we win? Where do we get points from? To end with a sliver, a glimmer of optimism: Callum Wilson should be fit by spurs, and we were desperate for anyone in the box today.

With that, perhaps we can pick up a few more points. That’s all the optimism I can muster right now!

Truly drained by that performance.

Felt like the away end has had any optimism beaten out of them – really hard to see how we progress from here. Just feel quite sad

Charlotte Robson